Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7/20 Hump Day

The half way point has been reached! I got here on the 17th, a couple days ago was the 17th, and I leave on the 17th. Mixed emotions about it all. I can not wait to go to Hong Kong, but at the same time I feel like I need much more time to prepare and understand and learn Cantonese so I can share with the people! The time has flown by at an incredible rate. How is everyone? I hope all is well in the outside world. We don't hear or see much in here. Haha just the chalkboard really.  A quick update on myself: I have gained 10 lbs in my 5 week stay here which is more than I have put on in 2 years. Breathe easy as well... I don't believe it is fat. Elder G has had me on a strict workout schedule every other day in the free weights gym, and as the saying goes, "I am beginning to become... yoked", or put on a little muscle. Whatever is most believable to you. :) Weights and lots of intense biking have kept me in pretty good shape (not everyone is on that bus haha). I am healthy and loving the work. I have enjoyed seeing so many friends come and go here. Many arrive each week (I got the chance to host Elder W on Wednesday!) and many leave. And I am still here. As mentioned I got to host with my district last Wednesday and get to host again this week! It's so fun seeing how everyone reacts differently and I remember when I had to say goodbye to my sweet mother and father a little over a month ago. As well, we received 5 Laotians to our large zone last week, so Elder G and I have been busy still! This week we don't get any more to our zone, but have been asked to give orientation to another zone that is receiving 36 new missionaries! So that will fun to do for the 3rd week in a row! I love seeing the new missionaries. 

My thoughts this week have revolved a lot around how I can better serve my fellow man and the other missionaries. Elder Guinn and myself have studied Christlike leadership and many other things to learn how we can better magnify our callings. President P brought up a great quote during yesterdays Branch Council meeting with the district leaders. "THE GREATEST of all is the SERVANT OF ALL." Caps just like that. The greatest servant of all was the greatest of all. The Topical Guide lists very few mentions of the word leader or leadership. Contrary, the word SERVANT is mentioned thousands of times. How can we relate this to ourselves? There are no "leadership" positions in the church. There are only "servantship" positions. In any capacity in the church we are there to serve, without pay, and without any hierarchical direction. We are called when the Lord needs us to serve a people we are meant to serve. When we are done, the Lord calls someone else to fulfill the duties and dedicate themselves to serve. This is not just for "servantship" positions in the church, but also in all other facets of our lives, whether or not we are in that position. When we covenanted in baptism, however old we were, we covenanted to serve the Lord, our God, for the rest of our day. "For when ye are in the service of your fellow-man, ye are only in the service of your God." So serve. Find ways to uplift and assist those who stand in need of care. Love, serve, and assist should be our daily activities. I love you all and hope everyone is well with your families. Pray as a family. You'll never know how much it means or helps until you don't have it.

To the future missionaries: Bring extra toothpaste. I'm out already, haha. Take notes and study with a pencil. The way I see it is that the minute you pick up your pencil and get your little book of revelation, you are telling the Lord you are ready to receive revelation as you study the scriptures and treasure up the words of the prophets. It will benefit you greatly.

Hah Jeung Louh
Rise to the Top
Ever Stalwart

A few Heber boys, and my district before the Thai missionaries left

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