Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7/27 Farewell Round #2

To those on the home front,

How is everyone? Miss you all! I was chastised by my mother last week for not letting her know what I actually do here in the MTC... haha so here is a rough schedule of our average day. Wake up at 6:15 and brush our teeth, slide into our workout clothes and head to the sack breakfast line so we're the first ones there. (I typically get 2 hard boiled eggs, orange juice, milk, cereal, and a PB&J sandwich. Sorry mom. No green smoothies here) We head back and eat outside then go listen to Sounds and Tones inside. Gym at 7:35. Typically hit the weights or play basketball. Head back and and shower, start personal, then companion, then language study at 8:55. (each study is a consecutive hour). Then lunch! I pound it everyday. I have never eaten this much in my life. I dont know where it all goes. We hustle through lunch then head back and do some more studying before class. Class at 1:30 to 4:30. Then Maanchaan at 4:30. After dinner class again from 5:15 till 8:15. Then more additional study time and then Daily Planning time from 9-9:30. Then we head back, change, read the scripture, nightly devotional at 10:15 and lights out at 10:30. That's a full day and they go by FAST! I love all the study time. Just finished the Book of Mormon and started again in one of the little military additions with Elder Bs challenge in mind. I love these little guys. I'll probably take 10 when I go to Hong Kong. I leave 3 weeks from today! Wow. I am so pumped, but I am not ready. Almost, but not quite there. Had a hard time sending Elder L off last night to the southern land of Argentina. It is so fun seeing so many of my friends come and go. Can't wait to get Elder R in here this Wednesday. I will be hosting for the 4th week in a row this week! As well as giving orientation for the 4th week in a row! We get 13 more Thai Elders to our zone one Wednesday. Our zone is HUGE nowadays. Keeps us all busy. I'm loving the work. The language is coming! I love learning it and it has all been so amazing to watch what happen to others and feel  what happens to myself. Ngoh ngoi hohkjaahp Gwongdamwa!

Today I want to share a few thoughts pertaining to me and why I am here. I wish to do so through some quotes I have recieved from friends or heard during my MTC stay.

"We are all ACOUNTABLE to Him for our lives, our choices, our actions, even our thoughts. Because He redeemed us from the Fall, our lives are in reality, HIS." Elder Christofferson

"It won't be like this again. So don't miss it." Elder Holland

"THE GREATEST of all is the SERVANT OF ALL." -unknown. Interpret as you may. I love this one.

And a personal thought. "What will I be able to tell the Savior I did for HIM in this mortal life?" He gave it all for me so that I can be with my family forever. So that I can be forgiven and try again. He learned Cantonese. Not literally, but he endured all the trials I am going through and ALL that you are, as well. I will see my Nana again. I will live with MY future family as well. All through faith. I came on this mission with the knowledge that I would serve to my utmost capabilities and give the Lord my all. I knew I would turn myself over to Him and be strictly obedient. I thought I knew what that meant. I thought I knew how hard it would be and how much He could do with me. I didn't know. I had no idea that the Lord could do so much for me, a humble servant of the Most High. I thought I knew how it could be if I completely turned myself to Him. I didn't. I do now. I watched a talk given by Elder Holland last night in which he gave the usual fire, that I expected, that changed my outlook. I sit here near tears thinking that over a month and a half of my mission is over. "It won't be like this for long." The truth. How am I utilizing every second to benefit another. How am I using every opportunity I have to change someone elses day? What more can I do? There is always more. In our baptismal covenant we promise to serve the Lord all our day. Am I doing that? I ask myself every day what I can do more. So that when I return home, to my Father in Heaven, as well as to the one on earth, I can say, "Dad, I didn't hold back." What am I holding back or what is holding me back? I pray every night to know my weaknesses that I may work on them so that may become my strengths. What am I willing to give up? Everything.

To the future missionaries: Come prepared. You might think you know what that is, but you don't. Pray to know what that is.

 Elder Sargent

In the words of the Texas Ranger "Ever Stalwart"

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