Monday, August 3, 2015

8/3 One more PDay left...

As my Dad recently put it, PDAY's are busy. I couldn't have said it any better myself haha life is busy here in the MTC! Still kicking and learning here in Provo. I get my flight itinerary and leave for the distant land of China two weeks from today!! It has gone by so fast! This week was great. Got to host one of my best buddies Elder Roney on Wednesday and see so many more of my Heber family. We also got 13 new Thai Elders that are absolutely awesome! And we sent out Sister M (for real this time) and little Elder J V. We have two Hmong Elder J V's who are on fast track out of the MTC. Send the other one out this week. Our branch is HUGE! We are extremely busy learning the language, studying doctrine (I'm 1/2 way done with the Book of Mormon already! Goal is two weeks. Studying faith) and keeping everything going. President P wanted to reorganize Priesthood this week so that kept us busy and it went well! Sad our time here is slowly closing in, but we are ready to move on! Had an awesome devotional on Sunday by Sister Sheri Dew, and low and behold Sister P and Spencer walked in! Sister Dew gave an awesome devotional and then I ran up behind Spencer and gave him a bear hug. It was so nice seeing more Heber family, haha even Sister Kenna C was there! It was also Elder G's birthday on Saturday! So we couldn't party that night because we were fasting, so we had twinkies Sunday night. Elder G is AMAZING! Turned 19 and he has already done a year a BYU. The man is on a fast track to success. He is the best companion that I could ask for. Not much else has happened here this week. Our investigators (our teachers) are doing great! Have one committed to baptism, the other is a homeless less-active, and the other is a 19 year old that is just taking it slow. Haha he would pray or read for like 2 weeks and when he finally said the prayer on like our 4th lesson ( I had tried to bribe him with just about everything before to do it) I was so excited and happy I gave him a big hug on the way out. I forgot he wasn't our teacher at that point and time and acted super weird when I hugged him. hahahaha and said "keihgwai..." on our way out. haha which translates to weird. Apparently you don't hug in Asian culture. Our teacher from Macau has only hugged her Dad once. It was so funny. Live and learn. I wish I had time to tell you all of our funny teaching experiences. Elder G has told A-Jung (the 19 year old) that he is pregnant, and told Fantasy (the Sister comitted to baptism) that on fast sundays, when you're hungry you can just have as much sacrament bread and water as you want. Haha we have had some funny exeperiences. Elder G is such a blessing to me.

This week my mind has turned to faith, I have been studying faith out of the Book of Mormon this week and have had some great insights. Several things stuck out to me. One, Faith unto knowledge as the Brother of Jared. What kind of faith it takes to KNOW the Lord can touch stones to bring forth light (Ether 3) and the Lord comments that he is the most faithful of any man and that he could not keep the Brother of Jared from out of the veil. What do I have do to the attain such knowledge, that as Elder Holland said, "I know the Lord liveth more than I know that I am speaking to you today!" That is faith. That is knowledge. What can I do to know such things. What can everyday members do to understand and really put knowledge behind the words, "I know." That's what I am striving to do this week. Two: Mosiah 23 and 24, trials of faith. Used this during a lesson the other day. The Lord seeth fit to try us in all our day that we may become stronger. I urge all to read both these passages and study to see how to become stronger in our faith. Faith can move mountains, yes it can. I was enlightened on one way this might be possible by Elder during their District meeting that I was sitting in on. Faith might move the whole mountain at once. But for most of us, it is just going to move, one, shovelful, at, a, time. Slowly, but with faith, it will be move. The Lords ways are higher than our ways. I wish I had longer to write. I love and miss you all! Till Next week!

Missionary note: Wake up early if you have to so you can get everything done. Sleep is unimportant and the Lord will lift you and give you energy to carry out his work. 

   Elder Sargent

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