Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/10 It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN! (deenewdeenew, deenewdeenerner)‏

"The Crew"

Heber Boys

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two awesome Thai districts

Well I didn't think I could get myself to title any of my blog post's this, but I felt it appropriate for the situation. Haha the MTC days are coming to a close and it is so sad. We leave early Monday for Seattle, WA then the 16 hour flight to Hong Kong. We leave Provo at 5:30 am on Monday and get to Hong Kong at 8:30 pm on Tuesday (And then have to take a long train ride to the mission home). Figure that one out. Well, here's my review of myself and the time here, seeing as I won't get to write next Monday. Physically: My brain has been mush at the end of everyday, yet it feels alive like never before. I have put on 13 pounds (I haven't put that much weight on for 2 years. Show's what working out actually does hahahaha) and have had 3 haircuts. Not pertinent information, but I thought I'd throw it in there. Emotionally: Everyday is a roller coaster. If you're not stressed, you're not doing enough. I have had stress, relief, joy, love, and absolute exhaustion here, and I love it. I am ready to move on, actually move away from home (I usually see upwards of a dozen Heber folk when we go to the temple) and hit the streets of HONG KONG! I have learned patience, charity, and all of the above Christlike attributes, and more, since I have gotten here. I have SO far to go, but at least I am now bearable for my current companion and my future companions. Spiritually: In the famous words, "I believe I [could] can fly." I have never felt this spiritually uplifted ever and I don't want it to go away. The Lord has done so much with me here that I could not have done on my own. My testimony has grown, "yea, even an hundred fold." I never, ever, ever saw what was coming to my testimony and I'll talk more about that in a second. I am surrounded by the Spirit. It has uplifted me. I have found my purpose, or at least begun on that journey. I have received revelation for myself through promptings of the Holy Ghost and through others. Prayers have been answered and in turn, my life has been eternally changed. This has been an amazing chapter of my mission and it's so sad to see it go. Elder Guinn and myself were released from our assignments as Zone Leaders yesterday, which was tough. President Penrod told us last Sunday we'd do it like this, so we could help the new Zone Leaders. I love our zone so much. There are some absolute stunner missionaries here and they are going to do so well in the field. It is time to let someone else serve.

During my entire life, I have heard a common phrase, "Don't fight it. Just don't fight it Seabass." The Seabass part wasn't always a part, but I don't know how many times I have heard my Dad or Grandpa Milt tell me not to fight it. Grandpa must have said it a lot to my Pop's when he was little because he said it to me, and I will in turn tell it to my children. There is a profound lesson to be learned in this short phrase that never hit me untill I came to the MTC. Most of the time I heard those words, "Don't fight it," I was trying to get a bolt into some strut the hard way in the warehouse of MIRO during those cherished years that, at a young age, I got to work with my Grandpa. Other times, it was around the house from my Dad, when I was working the sheep or doing other chores that could have been done so much easier if I just would have thought it out or as my Dad always commented, "Bring your work closer to you." Now in the position I am in I have heard that phrase again and again in my mind, not from Grandpa Milt, and not from my Dad back home, but from my Father in Heaven. He keeps telling me, "Don't fight it." What am I fighting? "Just don't fight it." Just like my Dad and Grandpa, they would never tell me what to do better, with the exception of the occasional, "Bring your work closer to you." It was always just the phrase, then after a second of thought, "Just don't fight it." I have been fighting the will of the Lord, and I can't do that. Don't fight the Lord's will. Give it to him. It is the most intelligent thing we as individuals can do. If we are fighting it, we are wasting energy that could have been used otherwise, serving the Lord and furthering his work. "Bring your work closer to you." Do just that, if the Lord has his work is in the outermost parts of our mind, we aren't working to our best capabilities and we could we be doing so much more. Work effectively. Bring your work closer to you and JUST DON"T FIGHT IT. It's not work it. Do the Lord's will and allow His will to become yours. Think about it.

I love you all, sorry I couldn't expound more thought, ran out of time.

TILL CHINA!! Joigin!!


Hah Jeung Louh
Elder Sargent

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