Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7/11 Extra early but NOT during REM

The Y family in our ward... they give us food every week and make us banana bread and cookies

Companionship study one day

Shout out to my cutest sister BROOKE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Look out folks she is on the streets.

Great weeks just keep on coming! A is doing super well, we need to get some more members involved with him though. Progression is great, and just going to keep on moving forward. A-Y is also doing well, very excited we could have him at church amd can continue moving on. Church has always been the hard thing and it looks like he has turned a corner for that. Brother C has been really moving forward on that note, and is also looking solid for his baptismal date. It should be a promising next couple months. Those are the investigators with baptismal dates right not and we are looking forward to extending a few more in the coming weeks with a few other investigators moving forward very fast. I am still quite confused as to why all of the people keep coming here and ending up in our area, we have just been so blessed. Especially these past two months. Brother T is doing great, looking forward to the Priesthood soon as well. Another miracle is we just picked up another great LessActive named D,  22 and went LA last year in Mainland, but just moved back down here. He is super solid, and should be a great addition to the ward. 

Elder R and I are doing very well together. I love working with him and he has spiced up the work around here. As well we have started waking up at 5:15 to give us some more time to study. I don't feel like I have had much time to study recently, and so that extra hour and a half (I said 6:00, but he refused because apparently that's in the middle of a REM cycle?), to study the langauge. I love it! That extra hour plus is so helpful and I have already learned so much using it. So we are doing well together. Love the work.

Ever Stalwart

   Elder Sargent

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