Saturday, July 9, 2016

7/4 Staying!!!

Bye Bye Elder N

Out with the old, in with the new

last district lunch after meeting

A great week! It is definitely a big change and a new start. Sending Elder Da to Tai Wai was tough. It is going to be really weird getting used to not having him around. From step training to now. 6 months, a long time. I will see him often though with Elder P. Bringing Elder R in has also been very fun. I love having him around, we were pretty good friends in the MTC, and so it will be a fun time bringing him into the area. It seems like he misses Wan Chai a lot, but he is getting adjusted. 

The area is well, this last week was very interesting, didn't get to see a couple of the investigators due to moving our companionship back to Kwai Fong on Wednesday, and then Elder Da on Thursday, but will get back into the groove this week. The area is thriving as it has been the past month and a little. Brother T was confirmed on Sunday, as well bore a good testimony after about God answering his prayers. I know the members absolutely love him and really hope his wife will have interest and come. The rest of the investigators are doing well also. A is progressing great, couldn't be at church on Sunday due to a competition, but still should be good for his baptismal date. Bro. C has been a waiting gold mine no missionaries have taken advantage of, just been waiting for the past few years. He is looking solid for this next month, we will review all the lessons, but he has been coming to church for a long time so knows and has heard all the lessons. Should be good. A-Y wasn't at church, frustrating, and  Bro. P as well.  Brother C was there and is progressing, wants to focus on baptism now as well, and so is K (who said he really thinks he can do it this time). Our ward is doing so well at working with all these individuals that they can, and we are seeing immense growth. The area is just flourishing. 

Companionship is great! It is a little different having a companion that is so much more out going. We really have a lot of big plans and teaching together has clicked pretty fast. It has just been full immersion for him in teaching the investigators, having had to split a few times already in these past few days. We are working well together, striving for obedience and I can't wait to see what happens this transfer. 

Sometimes things don't go our way, in fact, most of the time they don't, but what does go our way, is the attitude to we choose to react with. When we get fonged. That's just the attitude. Reel in your line and find a new fishing hole. 

I love the work! I can't believe how fast time goes. 

Love, Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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