Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/8 Busy as can be

Goodbye Elder Ea and my new companion second from the left

New missionaries had to walk through a tsunami from the MTR to the mission home

Well, such a great week!! It has been so busy with transfers I don't feel like there has been time to catch a breath. Extra busy because it is the end of the month with sending in reports, and MLC. A week to be remembered. Especially when all the new trainees had to run through a tsunami to get back to the church.
As far as the area this week, it has been great! So blessed. Victor was baptized yesterday, the whole ward was there, we just barely got a seat in the back corner on primary chairs. It was so fun to watch everyone participate. I feel sometimes, that we as missionaries assume we should be involved or that it is our work, but it's not. They are the Lords investigators. I couldn't stop smiling. Bishop L gave a great thought about change and everyone having special talents (he focused on all the Recent Converts in the room, especially B and V). The L's stayed and sang in the choir after church and at the baptism. So fun. I don't know if you can feel how happy I am just writing this. So fun, he won't be confirmed next week due to Stake Conference, but will be the next week. JC and his mom Sister C are doing great! Brother L is a great fellow-shipper and they set a baptismal date for the 18th of June. They are doing great and I can't wait to see what the gospel will CONTINUE to do in their lives. We have a new investigator that we are working with, his name is R or HK. He is 18 and so prepared! He has been in HK for 8 months now with his family and his mom works with a member. We taught him for the 2nd time this Wednesday after English with Elder S (speaking Mandarin) and grabbed one of the new missionaries Elder Sh (speaking very minimal Canto), and it was one of the best lessons ever! The language was all over the place, but we focused on God and prayer, focused on our discussion from MLC the day before (check Bible dictionary-great reference for prayer). He couldn't stop smiling the whole time! The Spirit was so strong, and we sung a hymn after to end on an even HIGHER point. We had to push him out the door to leave. We met him again on Friday, he was so excited to come he brought his mom (who previously said 'no interest' to the sisters who met her and her daughter) at the perfect time after we met with Sister Y (our RS President). It was another awesome lesson. He tried to keep his lips pursed as he smiled the WHOLE lesson, and it was tough for him, because they were quivering as he tried not to go full smile! I have never met someone who enjoys the lessons as much as him. He asked us to sing after the lesson again. So we did. :) They were all grinning. He has great potential. I sure love these people.
It was sad to see Elder Ea go, as he is opening the Tsuen Wan Elders back up (living in Tung Chung) with the now returned Elder C!!! Glad to have him back. Elder Co is my great new comp! He is 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Japanese and the rest right out of Oregon.He studied for a year at BYU before, and.... he shoots a bow... He is fun, knows his stuff, and overall a great companion and leader, plus he knows a lot about the area having just been my district leader for 5 months. Hopefully I can get everything I know about the area into his head in the next 6 weeks. 
We are excited for this upcoming Zone Conference and will be giving a training every day next week. Pres. Lam told us these were our departing Words of Wisdom. I was shell shocked. He gave us 45 minutes with each Zone.  
I can't close without saying how much I love this work and the Lord. I sure do love this work. I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to take part of the "stone rolling forth out of the mountains cut without hands." It is a special time we are in.
I love this work.
Love Elder Sargent

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