Friday, May 5, 2017

5/1 Wings of Lightning

Another splendid week, riddled with all kinds of surprises that come with being a missionary. Well a new experience this week! I had something along the lines of Giardia from Sunday to Friday. Kind of just put it off because we had no time to see a doctor and hoped it would figure itself out, but no success. Elder J ratted me out to Sister J who told me to schedule an appointment with a couple doctors, but they were all busy this weekend and into next. So I took to the Uchtdorf method and looked online. It said garlic will do the trick to clean up stomach problems, so I went home smashed and cut up two big cloves, tossed them in warm water and swallowed them down. No one wanted to be around me for the rest of the night, but went I woke up, it was a 180 degree turnaround. I had one more clove to be safe, but other than that, I was solid good to go! A garlic miracle. 
It didn't slow us down the whole week, we almost did pay for it on a couple occasions, but got a lot done! V passed his baptismal interview, the ward has been waiting for that. J and Sister C are great. J has so many fellowshippers it is great! He sat with A and E at church on Sunday, and he goes home with Brother L. They are neighbors and we teach them at his house. For clarification Sister C has to leave church at 11:15 to go to work and just meets J at home later. They are doing well, if the Spirit guides, hopefully they will have a date next week, they are ready for it, it just hasn't felt right these past few times. Been to church long enough too! B is a man. A hero to me for sure. Love the man. 
We picked up a couple new prospects this week, one new 20 yr old investigator (he is only in year 4 at high school though because he just moved here from Mainland), and he has great potential! We are really working to take your counsel to work with who we know, and who we SHOULD know. We are just branching out from who we know in members and less actives and Recent Convert's and even people I have just known ever since I have been here, but haven't been ready to progress till now, like J and Sister C. I wish I could give all the info I know on the area to my next companion via USB. We are staying busy, and a good effective busy too. I still would like to talk to more people though, our potential list has been a little dry recently. Time to pick it back up again.
I have been reading a lot of President Monson's talks from when he started as an Apostle and 2nd counselor back in the 70's. They are great, I really have gained a lot of insight on his life as an apostle and really learned a lot on what I need to do better. Full of wisdom. "It has been said that the doorways of history turns on small hinges, and so do peoples lives." "If you have not chosen the kingdom of God first, it will in the end make no difference what you have chosen instead." "When the time for decision arrives, the time for preparation is past." These are a few of my favorite quotes, and I still have around 200 more talks to read. In reading these talks this week, I have set a lot of personal goals to do better, I have a lot to work on a grow in being a missionary and as servant of the Lord in general.
We had transfers yesterday! I will miss Elder Ea (headed to open up the Tsuen Wan Elders with Elder C!), but am excited to work with Elder C (already live with him, previously my District leader in SSP), and just as excited to have a companion to work in the office with me. 
Time flies on wings of lightning. It never slows down. Hurrah for Israel!
Ever Stalwart
Elder Sargent

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