Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Haha does my neck look beefy in that picture or what! My jeans are tight, today's the first time I have worn them in over a month. I think I peaked though. Should be no problem. haha How is the fine October weather? These past two days have been a dream come true. Saturday dropped around 15 degrees just for conference and has been AMAZING. I have been nigh unto tears with the weather and the spiritual feast I have had. General Conference was so great. My testimony of many things was strengthened, but above all, I know that God calls prophets and apostles. I know that our three new apostles are ordained of God and will serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength to further this work unto the salvation of souls. I loved so many of their talks, "Straighten up and fly right." "Ponderize" and other such bits and pieces of spiritually uplifting words. I loved the talk at the end of the Sunday afternoon session (I don't have my study notebook on me right now, I forgot it) that talked about the mud hole and trying to go home. I loved that not only because I can relate so much but because of the deeper meaning behind it! We all leave home every day. We wake up and practice, Grandma Becky put it pretty good in her letter to me today, we practice everyday being mortal men and women. We leave the sanctity of our homes, never intending to do wrong or to get dirty, often really not knowing what is to happen at all. But we mess  up and we get dirty. And we can't go home with a peace of mind. We get covered in mud and (as I imagined my mother and both my grandma's and my short stout great grandmothers) barring the doors like the sons of Helaman. haha It brought it home to me. The temple is our home. It is the Lord's house and we never leave intending to get dirty, but things happen and then we do. And it is uncomfortable getting clean again (been there, when it's freezing and dads saying of 'you get wet you get cold' takes a whole new meaning standing under the freezing hose) but as well spiritually. But its worth it. Inside its warm. We have a cedar log on the fire, mom is reading and dad is cooking cider. That is the joy. Our Father in Heaven gives us eternal joy. That is the light and the end of the tunnel. Thats our goal. 'Take a super bright flashlight while you're at it' if we want to draw from another talk. Elder Sargent is well and working hard! One more week until transfers? What?  Here in Hong Kong they are every nine weeks.
Enjoy the weather!-- 
Elder Sargent

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