Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26 Transfers!

My first district in the Yuen Long area. 

Got some good news for everyone!!! Transfers!!!! So here it is, I am in the Tung Chung area which is all of Lantau Island (where Disneyland is) with..... ELDER JENSEN! From the MTC! So there it is. We are in an enormous apartment, and the other Elders are Elder Dale from England (Elder Jensen's trainer, he has been in the area for 8 months now) and his new trainee Elder Arnett from Washington! Tons of white people, which is horrifying, they scare me now (I saw like one or two a week in Yuen Long and they never liked us missionaries). So baptism by fire time. Neither of us got to finish training, so it's tough, but that's just the way I like it. Wuhseung hohkjaahp. The new area is awesome, surrounded by mountains and then the airport, is out on the water, a little ways away. Its great. Elder Dale and Elder Jensen have put a lot of hard work into the area. Really changed my view on the work. Back in the New Territories, we did a ton of tracting, which is definitely not the most effective, it's not fun, and there's just a better way! So we have been doing that! It has opened my eyes, there's a better way to do the work. So we work. Me and Elder Jensen have several investigators and LA's we are working with (one is a sweet old lady who has a SUPER heavy mandarin accent which is a kick) and they are awesome!! We are just doing the best we can. Learning fast. Had some miracles already and I am just so grateful for this answer to my prayers. Great opportunity to push myself. We as individuals, and especially myself, often find ourselves in a situation of complacency and not pushing ourselves to be the individual God needs. Internally checking ourselves to see if we are moving up or down. It's one or the other.

Can't believe I'm done with my first transfer and am no longer the youngest in the mission. As well, started ponderizing after the general conference talk and the good example of my family. Life is happier then ever.
Love and miss you all!

   Elder Sargent

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