Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19 End of first transfer

Well ladies and gentlemen, sad to say it but my first transfer is up. And I don't know where I am headed. We just know there will be 23 new elders here tomorrow and Elder G will be training one of them. We got the call from President Lam today. Not sure who my step trainer will be ( I still have 3 weeks of training), but I will find out tomorrow!! All is awesome in the land of Yuen Long! Today and last monday, after emails, we went hiking, one as the Elders in my district on a pretty hike that felt like the mountains back home (I was just ready for a big buck to stand up, but no cigar) and today on a longer hike with a guy named J. Met him on the bus the other day and I told him we like to hike and to please call us if he wanted to hike today! And he did! haha said he doesn't want to be our "customer" and come to our church, but he is a great friend. Maybe we can slowly work on him. It was so nice to get out and hike. If you know me much you'll know I LOVE the mountains, they are and always will be my home. It was good to relieve some stress, we haven't really had time to do anything on p-day for over a month, so it was awesome. Had some good weather. Weather is still warm and humid, but it is supposed to slowly drop, as well it is now suit season which means we wear suits when we can! I love it. The mission is awesome. Learning so much and I love serving these people. Sunday had me in near tears (ok I shed a few) the whole meeting. It was the primary program and they sang the same songs I have grown up hearing and the young kids reminded me so much of Ted and Kate and all the other young cousins. The spirit was so strong and so sweet. It was an amazing experience. Miss you all. Had an interesting experience the other day. As well on Sunday we finally got to sit down with Sis. L and her son L (well he didn't sit, kinda just ran around). She really told us how it all is and why she has come to church twice now. She wants her son to be raised with the right morals and have happiness, she wants a tight family, and to do that she also doesn't know what to do with her husband A-B. She confessed to just crying sometimes in the morning. She has to work sometimes, and her husband gets up at 7 to be to work at 9 and gets off at 6, comes home and basically plays video games all night, and doesn't go to bed till like 3. The poor woman pored her whole heart out and Elder G and I just listened. It was amazing, and made me wonder how much I give time to things that aren't bringing joy to those around me. I will be honest, at first I was a little frustrated, this guy is playing video games over being with his wife. I despise video games. Feeling this un-Christlike attribute pouring out of my heart I tried to turn to my self to wonder how much I did this same thing I was frustrated about. It wasn't video games, but it was other things. Things I was doing by myself or with others that drags us away. The family is the most important aspect of this life, this plan and who we are and will become. Do we ever forget that? It has made me ponder who I will become and what I will change NOW to become that person.
Love and miss everyone! Take care and be safe on the mountain this time of year!
Love, Elder Sargent

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