Wednesday, November 4, 2015

11/2 Miracle Week

President G is the BEST!

Well hey folks! Elder Sargent here. It's been an amazing week to say the least. We have been blessed beyond measure. I am well, just missing my baby brother ;) He hit the scales a little bigger than me and a little less than my linebacker sister, but we will see where he goes. I don't have a lot of time this p-day due to baby pictures, but I would like to share a piece.
The Lord's work is progressing. There is no doubt in my mind that He qualifies those He calls. There is no way Elder Jensen and myself should be able to do what we are doing. Last week, we witnessed more miracles than I could even count. We were able to contact several less-actives that haven't been contacted in months and years, yet so many of them happened to be home at the exact time we dropped in, all by themselves and so many were so willing to hear us talk. Seeing and talking with our investigators, I cannot help but feel so blessed. With my brother Brigham Boyd being born last Friday, I have felt so much more grateful for this Plan of Salvation that we have. I just wish to share it with everyone and it has strengthened my testimony so much, because we truly can live with our families forever. I believe that, nothing doubting. Having missed the miracle of my brother's birth, I feel the Lord bestowing upon me miracles I do not deserve. I have felt His hand in every second of this work, lifting me up and enabling me to do things that I cannot do myself.  This last week I have really felt a new feeling, a feeling that I have always sought after, and it is 'an eye single to the glory of God'. The faith and joy and obedience in the Tung Chung area is beyond what I can describe, far from perfect, but working! It is not a start at 8:30 am and stop at 10 pm kind of missionary work. The Lord can't afford that. I am coming to better understand this feeling, an eye single to His work. It is talking and discussing and pondering and constantly seeking for guidance on how we can best help our investigators and less active members. I haven't felt like this before, never have I felt this happy, been this excited, felt this consecrated. I have so far to go to do my part, and so much to change, but I am working. Elder Jensen is leading our companionship to achieve what the Lord has in store for us! Hurrah for Israel, the work is progressing.
Love, Elder Sargent

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