Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/9 The Life of a Missionary

Well folks, Elder Sargent here. It has been an awesome week! I went to see big Buddha today, and to put it simply, he's big. haha It's been an absolute roller coaster this week! All of it in the highs! First off, Elder J----- and I started our 40 day fast. We fasted for a day and wrote down 40 things we wanted to change or "fast" from, in order to become clean and purify ourselves. We wrote them on cards so we can review our personal goals. Let me tell you, 40 things gets into the nit picky, but I can feel it. The small things are what count, and so often we over look the small things that have large effects. (got the idea from a talk I found) Immediately after we ended our fast, the windows of heaven opened for Elder J----- and I. We have been trying so hard to teach a true street lesson, (we have only gone tracting for maybe 10 hours so far this transfer) and just haven't been able to seal the deal.  But that night it happened, completely in and through the Spirit to Mr. C---. Then we miraculously ran into a former that neither of us had seen before that lucked into talking to her, when we both saw something funny happen and started laughing, we went up to her and talked. (what occurred is not important haha). Ran into her TWICE that day. Taught her twice and she now has a baptismal date. The windows of heaven have been opened up upon the humble duo of Elder J----- and Elder Sargent. The Lord blesses those who serve Him. That I know, however I also know that He blesses those who purify themselves for Him. Any one of us can have blessings beyond comprehension if we cast ourselves to Him. We already do have blessings beyond description, and when we humble our hearts and give back, the Lords outpouring is magnificent. I testify He blesses us everyday. I know it. I have seen it bless families, including my own. I hope to see it bless the T--- family, a very special family to me. The father is a less active, and then remarried to a great woman with three teen early 20's kids. So close to baptismal dates. They want it SO bad. They want to go to the temple and be sealed, but have work and a fear of commitment. They are SO close! I love them so much. Families are real. Eternal families are real. Oh, and Sunday, our ward had NINE less actives come back to church, we Elders Sang "I Believe in Christ" and President and Sister Lam came to our ward and spoke! It was Wonderful! I love and miss you all so much!!

Love Elder Sargent 

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