Monday, November 23, 2015

11/22 Happy Thanksgiving!

The branch building! We used it before but we grew out of it a few years ago so now we use it to teach seminary, english class, lessons and have activities

Our Apartment is mid-right

Our little gecko hanging around the dishes

Yat Tung Tsuen! One of the two main tsuens we serve. A tsuen btw is a group of buildings usually Big apartment buildings like this

Well the big week turned out to be a stake member coming to reorganize some stuff in the stake and then talk, but that's ok! We talked to Brother C about it and he actually gave us some cool info that it will probably happen near Christmas. Our Branch is huge right now. This week has been crazy! Elder Jensen and I spent little or no time tracting each day because we taught so much! We have been praying for miracles and they were rained down upon us this week: some of the less-actives that we met with letting us meet them again, and investigators bringing friends, it has been amazing. All the while Elder Jensen and I are just growing together. The Man from Katy, Texas never ceases to amaze me. He can remember any name or number or address after hearing it one time. He is awesome. The ward, as well, is awesome! They just love helping out and that changes the face of missionary work when they have that attitude. A-p and C's baptismal day is this upcoming Thanksgiving day, and that is what I am thankful for! I am praying so hard for them. Chanel is geared up ready to go but her brother just wants to make sure he knows God is real, he wants to believe it all, but he just doesn't think he has had his personal manifestation yet. Please keep them in your prayers. I love this work! Whenever a bad thought comes into my mind or any other nonsense, I just feel love the love I have for this work and these people. I feel like the Grinch when he has the X-ray of his heart, after delivering the toys, and it explodes basically. That's how I feel in a nutshell. With what the Lord is doing to me and these people, I feel overly blessed.
Thinking of A-Pang, this quote from President Hinckley has stood out to me, "No man can know himself unless he knows God, and he cannot know God unless he knows himself." I'd like to leave that for personal interpretation. It's a deep one. It has caused me to ponder if I truly know myself and on that note, truly know our Lord, as well as what I can do to better my relationship. 

I love and miss you all!! Take care in the cold lands of America!

   Elder Sargent

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