Friday, November 20, 2015

11/16 Joe!


 Taters, carrots and chicken or ground beef with some special seasoning I made in my last apartment. Just like home.  Yum.  With Elder Jensen

Coming to you live from Tung Chung Hong Kong! Life is a amazing out here. Quick update on the area. I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but Tung Chung is home. It is just like Heber. Small town, nestled right at the base of all these huge mountains, half a minute from the ocean, just gorgeous. I love it. We run right up the canyon next to our house in the foggy, cloudy mornings with the peaks covered. I love it. Well, we were hoping it would cool off, and it keeps making a downward trend, but today and yesterday having been quite sunfuh: pretty hot, especially in suits. It should start making the downward trend here soon. The members are amazing! Just love them. They are so willing to help out. Right now we are sitting at branch status with around 50-70 people coming every week, and we have been told that we are SO close to becoming a ward, I could almost shout.  I was supposed to give a talk this Sunday, but Pres. Gong came up to me last Sunday a little awkwardly and said not to worry, he will have to catch me next month because a lot of important people are coming next week. We have been hearing a lot, and there is a ton going down out here. I am not inferring anything, just praying my heart out something really exciting happens this Sunday!! :)

The Language is coming as well. I have really seen the Lord work and the gift of tongues made evident every day. When the Lord needs me to talk, the language comes, and it comes better than I can imagine, then it is gone. We, as missionaries, are tools in the Lord's hands. It is coming better and better. It's hard, but so fun!!! Elder Jensen is great! He is such a ball of pure strength, intelligence, wisdom and power! I love the man. We work so well together. Unite and do the work.

What about us and our investigators?! Joe got baptized on Sunday! He isn't "our" investigator, but when someone in the area gets baptized, it feels so good. Elder Dale has been working with him for 9 months! So happy. As for me and Elder Jensen, mostly just me, I had a good realization. I feel like the Lord and Pres. Lam have put so much trust in Elder Jensen and I to do what we are doing, and I often just think about the numbers, and showing them that we are doing well out here. Not until I stepped back and just realized how stupid I was. I love these people so much and I haven't been treating them and looking at them the way I truly could be. Then the outpouring of love came for them. A-pang and Chanel got their baptismal dates for 2 weeks, Waiwai (Zoey) has hers for a month from now. Bro Au opened up. It all came out. I am so excited for the Tsang Family! We called Pres. Gong last night about Bro. Tsang because he is a less-active, and he said that as much as he's been coming to church lately, he can baptize A-pang and Chanel. This will be so good! They have bonded very fast to their step-dad in 9 months, and this should help so much. Sis. Tsang and the oldest daughter A-yan should follow quickly. So excited. The work is progressing. So fast, we hear of miracles every day. Stuff I just wish I could tell you all about!

I love you all so much. Keep up the work. My favorite quote from this week:

"The Kingdom of God or nothing." President Taylor

In Chinese, Yat haih Sahn ge gwokdouh Yat haih mouhyeh, or something like that. I think we all understand that. There is one goal at the end of this road, and that is the kingdom of God. How are we going to get there? What are we doing today to be that person? Only we can decide, but we are either completely on the Lord's side or we are not. The Lord doesn't take fence sitters and that's a testimony to me.

Love you all!
Love Elder Sargent

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