Friday, December 4, 2015

11/30 Happy Thanksgiving

Well folks, what a week. Been a real week of growth for me. Had a fun experience with two of our investigators. A Brother and Sister that have been coming to church for 3 months, and their dad is a less-active member. Had a baptismal date for this last Sunday. They had been taught all of the lessons except for tithing, and we just felt they were so ready! The brother, A-Pang however was still having problems with knowing if God is really there. We scheduled the baptismal interview just moving in faith, but I was having all these mixed emotions of not wanting to push, but wanting to push, and just having faith, I just wasn't sure what to do. So Elder Jensen and I fasted! All Friday up to their interview we fasted. Fasted that we could have peace with what was to come and that A-Pang could get an answer to his question that he has been praying about for a month. We taught a lesson before and he still just didn't seem ready. Elder McSweeney had been waiting for 45 minutes at that point because our lesson had gone so long. I just felt like there was nothing I could do, and there wasn't. I just had to put it in the Lords hands and ask Elder Dale to help talk to A-Pang and Elder McSweeney in the interview. My capabilies had run out. It was draining and so difficult for me. I just wanted to cry! I love them so much, they are so ready, but A-Pang still had his doubts. In went Chanel, the sister, and they were in their interview for an hour and a half! During that time, a sense of peace just came over me. They were in the Lord's hands now. Chanel passed, but it was 10:00 at that time so everyone defenitely needed to go home at that time. We scheduled A-Pang for the next day. He didn't end up passing, but surprisingly, I just felt ecstatic. I felt so happy and so at peace. I didn't understand. The realization just came to me that they would be baptized, just let the Lord work with them now. I often try and do it all myself, but I can't! It just doesn't work like that. Elder Jensen and I can only do so much, then they have to accept it. It was a big learning week in many aspects. 

As well, we had Thanksgiving feast! Elder Jensen and I did the potatoes for the whole zone, 40 pounds!! We cooked them up in Tung Chung then tossed them on our Pohpo cart, professionally packed I might add, then hauled them all the way an hour to Kowloon for our party! It was great. President and Sister Lam were there for a while and got to talk for a bit. Great food. It was kind of weird, I haven't eaten with a fork for a long time now haha. I am loving the work and so thankful for all I have and for the the many opportunities that have been presented me. I feel overly blessed to have the family, friends, and circumstances I do. I have a lot of people that have heavily influenced my life, and I am so very grateful to each and every one of you for all you have done.

I thought I might add some fun facts for everyone in this letter
1. There are sparrows everywhere, in the mall, the subway, bathrooms, everywhere.
2. The Gaaisih is crazy. The open market its insane, under the parking lot, smashed people and stalls that you can buy anything and see anything. Buy frogs and toads for dinner, live fish, chickens, and other stuff flipping and squealing and all manner of meats hanging up, people taking a big old blade and just cleaving a pig head in two, it's a party. Thats where ya make life long friends who will give you good deals on dinner.
3. Everyone has a little dog or a baby. One or the other. Haha and they all get walked around twice a day and both just use the bathroom anywhere. On the way to church the other day, their was this little munchkin peeing into a bottle his mom was holding in the middle of the subway station. Pants on the ground and their Phillipino helper just laughing. Ah it was a kick.
4. The most mahfaahn thing in the world is having to fill the toilet up everytime we use it. Just thought I would throw that it there.
5. Oh and one more, my head touches one side of the bed and my feet touch the other.
Grandma Becky would be proud of these potatoes!


Love and miss you all! Can't believe we are running into the Christmas season! Stalwart, 

Elder Sargent

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