Friday, December 18, 2015

12/14 Transfers

BBQ  A-P and Ch to the right of Elder D

Blanket service project in Tsing Yi

Helping set up a tent
Merry Christmas to all my colleagues out there! Haha I miss everyone this time of year. I love hearing the stories of the snow and the joy we are all having. This is a special time of year! It truly is. It is a time of year that binds families around warm fires (or air conditioners, depending on where you are) and unites the hearts of all in a joyous celebration of love for our Savior. When we celebrate his birth, do we truly recognize that this is the birth of the One who would atone for our sins? In Chinese, the translation is Singdaanjit, which means Holy Birth (I think the Chinese word is better), it reminds me of the real reason, makes it harder to think that it is just "Christmas." Remember the Holiness of this day.
Elder Sargent is doing SO well! We got transfer calls on Sunday night for some weird reason that the Assistants won't tell us about, and so..... I am staying in TUNG CHUNG! Elder J and I are sticking it out another transfer, and Elder J is the new District Leader! He is amazing, so powerful and will serve his calling well. As well, Elder D and Elder A are both staying, but getting another companion from Elder A's group. So Elder D will finish training them and then probably move. He has been here for over 10 months now, and they only have tripanionships here when one will quickly move out, but they haven't told Elder D where he is headed yet! So I am looking forward to a fun filled next two months! We will have 4 younger Elders serving together out in the boonies. I can't wait to see what miracles the Lord will perform to support us. That is my testimony: that the Lord supports those he calls. There is no way he wouldn't. The work is amazing. Christmas here is amazing. Our investigators are amazing! A-P and Ch are coming up again. Ch told us she is ready and A-Pang is still having minor problems. I have never loved a people this much.
I love you all and hope you all know I am doing so well out here. In the words of Grandpa Milt, you could say I am "wintering quite well." They say the elk are as big as buffalo in Montana this time of year. Haha I love what I have been given. This time of year the one thing we have that only we can give is our thanks. Give it freely, the Lord gave all he had for us.


   Elder Sargent

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