Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12/7 Well It's Christmas Time

Breakfast with the C Family
P Day fun with President G
What a week of families!!! Wow! I don't have words to describe what has happened in Tung Chung this week. Miracles all over the place. We are now into the Leung family home teaching all three sons English and the Gospel and the mother is slowly having interest, all thanks to the amazing Brother H. He was relentless at getting us there! Can't wait to see the progression. As well, the M family! Brother M is a less-active from years ago; baptized when he was 15, stayed active for a year and fell away. Brother H (again) got him scheduled to play basketball with us and Elder Jensen and I just prayed for a miracle to get into the home. We had previously dropped by, but he didn't have time. The time came to go play basketball with him and Brother H and to get to know him.... and it rained!!! We then got to go to the house and meet his wife and their 3 year old daughter! Our ward has one child under the age of 8 and she is 3, as well! It was such a miracle. I feel like I have met brother M before, he is just the nicest guy and I can't wait to get him back to church. As well, we had previously been teaching Al and her son Cl (13), and the other Elders had seen her husband Da. They have huge interest, and aren't a real traditional Chinese family. Kind of different and as well, are super outgoing and nice! They have two older daughters who we have never met before. Our problem was that this week we weren't able to go to English class where we normally see them during the second half of the week because we were teaching the L's, so we were going to have to call to schedule them and invite them to the big music concert in Wan Chai, but the other Elders did! It was only planned to be Al and Cl, but come to find out, Da came with Cl, we all rode the MTR there talking the gospel, AND met Al and their youngest daughter T! They all loved the concert and are really interested! A-P and Ch are as well doing SO well and preparing for baptism. So ready. The greatest miracle of all, they are all re-scheduled! I dont know how to say it. We are loving it. As well, the other Elders had the F family at church, which was super fun to meet.

I can't believe it is Christmas time. Tung Chung finally cooled down, and it's actually been quite cold... I love it. Feel so alive. Family and friends! It's Christmas time! Share the spirit. People at this time of year are beyond open to hearing a message about family, about love, and most important, about our Savior. I feel so thankful for all I have been given. Every day I see the miracles more and more. I denote my tale as the Ballad of the Overly-Blessed Missionary. To those that have been given much, we too must give. That's how I feel and I encourage every one of us to remember that. Remember what we DO have. Forget about the other things people are posting on Facebook and remember what we have. Ponder that and in turn, give to someone else. We have the knowledge that not everyone has! People live daily in sadness not knowing what their purpose is. Many claim to know, but deep inside are yearning for the knowledge and comfort that the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ can give. It's what brings true joy.

I love and miss you all during this Christmas season!! Take care and drive slow.
Ever Stalwart my friends
Elder Sargent

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