Monday, December 28, 2015

12/28 It WAS a Merry Christmas!

Ch and A-P and Ch's baptism
Christmas day visit to the ward camp (what a fun trip to see a FIRE again)

My team lost and I was taped to the wall with a helmet on.

Christmas Eve Party
It has been a very wonderful Christmas week. It has been all over the place with members and lessons and others, but it has been exciting. Started out with an amazing Zone party, where we did a fun skit (including myself as a shepherd riding my trusty sheep (Elder J) into Bethlehem), and moved to our ward Christmas Eve party. Wow! We planned for 90 people at a good turnout and had over 100 people there!!! As well, 50 of them were less-actives or investigators. It was an absolute stellar night. I as well, got taped to the wall. My team lost the scripture challenge because I was trying to talk to a less-active (best excuse I have) and so I got taped to the wall with a helmet on so people could throw rings onto me. Quite an experience. Christmas was also very fun! Got to see the family which was absolutely amazing. First time seeing baby B! Love you family. Best present ever. As well we got to visit our ward camp and meet some new friends they brought. So fun to go "camping" (50 yards off the side of the road surrounded by people) and have a fire and roast stuff, good memories. Unfortunately, one of the less-actives we have been working with, Bro. A, while there had a problem with his knee that kept causing him to fall over.  We had to leave with him to take him to the hospital, barely made it back in time for dinner with the Ts family (just baptized Ch cooked it all), and then home to open a few presents. The next day, we called Bro. A, and he was ok and wanted to meet! We met and he shared the coolest miracle story. He went to the doctor, found out his knee was having major problems and wasn't reacting to anything, as well, after many X-rays, found out he has a bone spur in his spine. They called a top tier doctor in and sent him in an ambulance to another hospital, where he had the opportunity to share the gospel with the medic (one of many miracles for him). Once he was waiting to meet with the other doctor, he prayed as he was extremely scared. Promised the Lord, he would get back in better shape, and get back to church faster if he healed him. The Lord did! The doctors couldn't figure it out. Brother A walked out of the hospital without support. One of many miracles. Can't wait to see where he goes now.

As well, Ch's baptism was amazing! It was so good to see her make this step. Her testimony is so strong. She is such a good example for her whole family. It was such a joy to see. We love their family so much and we are looking forward to next week's confirmation and hopefully baptism. They are so special. Our Christmas dinner was up there in the best things on that day. It was the Lords arrangement that we actually made it, and it was just too good. We laughed, we cried, we are just so close. Sis. T wants us to visit more and A-P should move to baptism very soon. His sisters baptism helped a lot. Pres. G, during his talk at the baptism, said he saw Ch as a missionary one day, which was pretty amazing. I would not doubt it. She is a rock. So strong, just one of the Lords elect.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! It's a good time to look back on last year and now look to the future and what we can now do to be more like the individual the Lord needs us to be.
Love you all!
Elder Sargent

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