Sunday, January 10, 2016

1/11 Cheung Sha Wan

Elder McS and Elder Dap
Elder Sargent dropping a line in here. Wow what a week. Feel like I have been through a washer this week! Cheung Sha Wan is amazing! I am loving it. The work here right now is on fire. We picked up some new people this week, and had an amazing time at church. I have loved serving with Elder Dap and Elder McS this past week. Elder McS is amazing. It has been an absolute blast being with someone who really knows Chinese again and can help me learn. However, it was quite sad to drop him off today. He brought me into this world, and as I told him, I am taking you out. It has been a pleasure serving with one of the greats. He is amazing. Elder Dap is also amazing. I don't know if I mentioned last time, but he is a ranked roper from the Philippines. Look out folks, I am bringing him home to show us a thing or two about the ranching life. Hard worker. He is awesome. The people here are amazing. I absolutely love them. The ward is amazing. We actually are one of two wards that meet in Kowloon next to the temple. Our ward is about 100 people, the size of both my last two wards put together. The other ward is the Assistants ward, which means I see Elder D ALL the time! There are some really special people here in the ward that I can't wait to explain later. The first to explain is probably Bro. L. The man is a modern day Job. I would go into details, but it's irrelevant. The fact is he has had to have his legs cut off, and is wheelchair bound. So powerful. Such an example. We are already the best of friends. Oh and his favorite pastime is " I like to Bible Bash with J Dubs" haha imagine that with a super thick Chinese accent. I now live in Kwai Chung, a lot smaller apartment than Tung Chung with Elder S (our Zone Leader) from Southern Utah and Elder F from Washington! Also from my group. Miracles are continuing to rain down upon us and I don't understand why. I love this work and will continue on! Those that read know this, the work is progressing. The work cannot be stopped and it is amazing. If you are not a part I urge to join. Find all the ways you can to serve, to share. Be to church every Sunday with a heart willing to learn. Prepare ourselves for every opportunity to share this message that changes lives. I wish to tell the Lord on that great day of reckoning, I did my best. I gave it all and I represented you. 
Love you all! Be a part of the work and not just around it!!

Ever Stalwart

   Elder Sargent

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