Monday, January 18, 2016

1/18 Down to business


Well it has been really 'down to business' this week. Loving it here! Cheung Sha Wan is just on the upward trend! We picked up a few more baptismal dates and have some people praying about more. H (18), K (12), and C Y H (40) need the prayers right now. They have dates in less than a month and should be ready but need to keep working! As well for the miracle! J, who we met two Saturdays ago during our member find, came to church last Sunday, the day after, and then we met again and scheduled a baptismal date! He is amazing. Has physical limitations and is bound to a wheelchair, but wants to learn more. He couldn't come yesterday due to the rain, but we are looking forward to continuing to teach him. 20 years old and lengjai. The area is thriving under Elder Da's great work ethic and Phillipino cooking. Last Sunday was also very cool as it was the Sunday during the month where the whole International area gets together and has their meeting in Kowloon, then has the opportunity to go to the temple during shifts after. So many faithful Phillipino sisters. I as well did not realize how many senior couples were here until yesterday. So many! They work in Wan Chai and preside over some of the English branches. Elder Da and I are loving the work. Couldn't be better. Love everyone out there. Keep working hard. As I talk with other missionaries and see this work, many things have become evident, but one thing stands out. He is coming, and He is coming fast. Let us prepare! I love you all!

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