Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/26 The Handcart

Temple Trip

Dinner and exchanges with Elder S

Where to start, it has been a good week! I am still just loving Cheung Sha Wan! It has been cold however! It hasn't been this cold in Hong Kong for such a long time, most people can't remember! It snowed in the New Territory's and I swear I saw a little snow fly Sunday morning from our 13th story window. Record breaking. FREEZING! It's been an interesting week.  I came in on a high with really high hopes for this week, and they all just crashed. It was interesting though, this whole week, having just watched 17 Miracles during soap cycling as a District, my mind was drawn to the scene where the main character, Levi Savage, is pulling a cart all by himself. It was towards the end of the journey, and many had died.  He himself was in a poor circumstance, and you would think at that time he wouldn't be able to do it. Truthfully, a physical man probably couldn't. However, as the scene continued, it turns to Brother Savage pulling his cart, but behind him are those that have passed on before him. Those he worked so hard and cared so much for. That scene always has me emotional. I have a lot of respect for the pioneers and love learning about them as they are family, and that they did so much. So coming into this week I was caught pondering on my own self, and who was pulling my cart, because I surely need it. In today's times, there isn't a need to pull an actual cart, without food, and in perilous circumstances. True, but we are pulling a load of missionary work (or other work), or cares for self and family, and a desire to become better. The world presents us, as sad as it is to say, with perilous circumstances. We are starved in every fashion. The world is drawing us away from the water of life, and the things that matter most to our eternal welfare. As I have thought about this, I have thought about those who are helping me persevere, and to remain stalwart in this battle. My grandparents (especially my Nana Rosy, and Grandma's Donna, Thea, and Margaret are all sending me a little bit of their spunk), my future children and friends I have known. This knowledge kept me boosted this week as we endured multiple lessons that we were stood up for. So many things just didn't go as we wanted or that we had pleaded to the Lord for. However, we saw miracles, and we remained happy the entire week. I didn't understand all this on Sunday night when the week had culminated. Looking back, I saw their hand, their steps beside mine. It has been a learning week, that is for sure, but as we endure it well, we are blessed and lessons are learned. What a good week.

Just got out of the temple! So much fun, I absolutely loved it! As well, after we had lunch with CSO! He's got some more grey hair but just as good as when I left. He's been doing his family history way back in Mainland which is cool. Being a District leader is fun.  We get to call around every Sunday and see how everyone is. We have a huge district so that makes a lot of time for poor Elder Da to do calls. Good thing he is such a hard worker. I have been blessed with the best of companions. Starting with Elder G in the MTC, to Elder G, to Elder J, to Elder Da. All are lifetime friends. Everyone is well! Met a great LA (less active) that hasn't been contacted in ages and had lunch! He's 24 years old, and his name is Kobe. haha and he's tall, plus he is ready to come back. Very excited, PLUS almost forgot about A-k, just got off his mission in Dallas, Texas!!! I shed tears when he walked into the church with a big belt buckle and cowboy boots. Ah we are real good friends already. As well just a fun note: Elder Da and I are the laughing stock of the zone. Thanks to the Sisters and Elder Da. It's been so cold and Elder Da has been freezing to death so we bought some long johns to wear under our pants.   Except the only color they had in my larger-than-asian-average size was pink! So now everyone thinks I wear pink tights. Go figure. It's fun. Love it.
Have I told you how much I love this work lately? Well, I do.

Love Elder Sargent

-Oh did i mention there is no heating,... anywhere? 

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