Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/1 Jawbreaker

Been an amazing week! We have been enjoying the weather (Elder Da wears the long johns every day that we found in the dirty mall), and enjoying the work! Again, we are learning a lot. Studying the "4th Missionary" this last Monday I came across a small tidbit that really has had a large impact on me. I feel as though so many missionaries come out into the field with the attitude that we are going to be the most obedient missionary on the planet, and as time goes by, sometimes our views start to wear down. Like a stone in a stream, day by day, our sharp, strict edges of obedience wear down until we don't even know it, but we become a round slippery stone, prone to not follow standards. I want to strive to be that "4th missionary", my WHOLE mission. I still felt like something could be better. Coming a little frustrated out of last week, from lessons not going how we planned, and the small edges of obedience rounding in our companionship, we read this talk. I expected it to have a large impact on Elder Da, since he has not read it and I think it is an amazing talk. As we read the first portion, it outlines each missionary, and one bullet under that section reads that the 4th missionary does not compare himself to other missionaries in anything he does. He only compares himself to his own capabilities. I just had to stop and think about that one. The consequence of doing so results in frustration and discontent. Exactly what I had been feeling. I needed to read this more that ever. I pondered this, and implemented it into me this week, and I have seen blessings untold. Peace with the Lords will and how everything is going this week. The Lord recognizes our righteous desires to fulfill His word. In days like today we cannot compare, it is what the world wants us to do. It is the plight of fashion and business's to do so. Facebook and Instagram are constantly putting us in the position and mindset of asking if I up to the worlds standard? Where do I get the next best thing? If we compare here, we will never be happy and will never become as the Lord wants us to be. As we compare to the Lords standard and to our own capabilities, we are able to feel peace and contentment with what the Lord has given us as well as understand what areas of our life we really need to do better. We can always progress on the eternal scale and feel peace.

This week has been great! Loved it! Elder Da has had an out-of-place jaw that has caused him pain (never have I seen someone eat so many bananas!) and so we had to spend some time at the doctors this week. Other than that, it has been amazing! Our district has been on a dry spell for the last month on new investigators, but after a great training this last week, EVERY companionship has at least one! It's great, the work is progressing. It was fun to have dinner with the L family, their son K just got back from Texas, where he served with a friend, from Heber.  He showed us some fun pictures. The ward is amazing. Had a fun luncheon after cleaning Bro. Ch's house. So fun to continue to get to know the members better. We as missionaries have to have the taifaat that we will live in these area's forever as to maintain the relationship. Oh I love our ward. All is well in Zion! Hurrah for Israel my family and friends! Find some work and do it! Love You!

Love Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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