Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29 Elder Stevenson, an apostle

spent the day with this Elder

Wan Chai - possibly one of the most expensive the church owns in Hong Kong
Burgers and fries before the meeting
long hair, until it's done up...aaahhh, that sounds feminine

Wow, times flies! I don't think I mentioned Elder Stevenson last week... He came on Monday! It was Elder Stevenson and his wife, Elder Gong (Pres. of the 70) and his wife, then the Area Presidency and their wives. They all spoke and it was great! We took a big picture with them all and then shook their hands. The picture was quite sunfu, though, haha. It was a great meeting! I learned so much.  They all spoke, with obviously the majority of the time given to Elder Stevenson. I learned so much about keeping things simple and just teaching what I need to teach: Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. (Note: Not baptize investigators.) Elder Stevenson taught so simply and so powerfully. It really was a great meeting and it was so good to see so many of my old friends around the mission.

In other words, moves calls were interesting! We typically get them on Monday, but never even got them past District meeting on Tuesday. The Assistants said they would be late. So then we are at lunch with Peter, an investigator and I got a call from my brother Elder D (AP) and was asked to be the new Zone Leader for Kowloon! I am quite unprepared and underqualified, but it will be fun. My pal Elder S and I get to spend some more time together, but other than that Elder S is training a native who is actually going to Oregon when he gets his visa, and I am still with Elder Da. 

Elder Da and I are great! We head to the doctor tomorrow to check up on him and we will see how things go. WE are doing great together. We get along very good, and have good companionship unity. We need to be better in our record keeping, among many things, but that is what we are working on! As well as 24/7 SYL, if we can say it in Chinese, then we do. We have really seen a lot of progression in the area recently. Things are working and we hope to begin to see more work with members and other such things. The work is great.
Our investigators are doing well! We are struggling at getting them to come to church. The area is good. I am loving it. Really loving being pushed more, feeling growth in myself and our companionship. Things are really just great!!

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! It is the best! Take care of everyone out there. Love you all!

   Elder Sargent

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