Monday, March 7, 2016

3/7 Big Week

Things have been great this week! It has been an absolute crazy 7 days to say the least. Running from one thing to the next. Our investigators are progressing well, and we picked up three more younger men (20+) that all have a lot of potential and should all have baptismal dates by the end of the week. Mr. Ch, PJG, and E are their names, two came to church on Sunday. Brother PJG almost got baptized a year ago, but had problems and ended up in the hospital the same time as they white washed the area, but ran into the Mandarin sisters in our area and they gave us his number! Looks like we should have some good fun with them. Brother Chow is doing ok, we are trying to stay on our previous investigators, but several just haven't been keeping commitments and are having a hard time progressing. It's hard to know what to do. I want to keep teaching them, but there is so much to do. Our area, as far as the work, is doing amazing! Loving the people and working hard! The Sisters as well are having immense success.
MLC, meeting with President L, meeting Brother T (Stake High Councilman) , and Zone Training have kept Elder S and I very busy this week. Our poor companions have been with each other on exchange every day (however, I think it is really helping Elder C's English, and has helped Elder Da's Chinese immensely), but switching companions has been great. Elder S has been sick (puking all over), and several missionaries have needed blessings. We also administered to the Sister's investigator and her mom at the last minute last week. It has been an amazing week to see the power of the priesthood at work. 
As for the Kowloon Zone, things are looking very well! We are on track for our goal of 500 lessons, several companionship's down from the normal, and others picked it up! Should be right on. The goal of 100 new investigators is going to take some work. I was quite surprised when that was the exact total of how many our Zone thought we could do. Hopefully will be able to see some fruits of the labors in finding and CIFTing some of these new people. I enjoyed having the Celestial Tree up, it is a very condensed version of a diagram we drew up (look at the picture). I feel we sometimes cut ourselves short by just shooting for baptisms and skipping all the stuff that gets us there. Wish we could have explained our thoughts a little more clearly at the training, but nonetheless, thought it went well and had a lot of good feedback. The topic of our last zone conference. CIFT (quality Contact, Invite, Follow up, Teach) with the analogy of panning for gold and finding those that are prepared to hear the gospel. As well with an emphasis on The Celestial tree. Haha a very simplified version on a diagram I came up with of how people get to glory. Have to start at  the roots. Take a look Things are looking up, the Lord is sustaining us! 
Love you all!!!
Elder Sargent

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