Monday, March 14, 2016

3/14 Finished Language Pass-off's

Cheung Sha Wan is doing very well. This last week was tough to find people to teach. Several (3) of our less actives had number changes so haven't been able to contact them this week. As well had a couple investigators travel this week or were quite busy. So we tried to make the best of our time, found a couple good potentials and visited with a couple members. So the area feels great and has a lot of solid people, but we are working on trying to have other people moving up the line to become progressing investigators. Our largest struggle this week with investigators is getting them to come to church. Really need them to! Several have been taught almost all we have to teach and have no problems, and keep saying they will come to church, even have baptismal dates, but just don't come. Really just trying to discern what to do through the Spirit of what to do. 

My experience for the week that changed me the most was after an interesting lesson with a new investigator. He really had strong opinions about the Bible and his current church. I think my way of thinking during the lesson was not the way Christ would have done it. Just tried to prove everything, and in all reality, it was kind of just like a Bible bash. Elder Da stayed quite quiet the whole time as I was moderately frustrated that he didn't give us a chance to speak. We left and he mentioned that I looked a little frustrated. After walking a small distance, he said or more exclaimed, "Elder Sargent, we didn't testify!" I couldn't be frustrated with the investigator or anyone but myself after that. I messed up the situation, a lesson could have had a completely different outcome if I would have had the simplicity to testify. That's what Elder Stevenson talked about. Funny enough, that was the topic of our Elders Quorum lesson yesterday. Simplicity and testimony. No one can deny our simple testimony and nothing will carry the Spirit more in a situation like that. It is a lesson I won't forget for the rest of my mission. All at the hands of my trusty companion. 
Seeing miracles like crazy!!! Loving the work. On one note, I finished language pass-offs this week!! What a relief. Wow. 13 lessons and 3 memorizations. Now I can help poor Elder S administer them. They are so fun and I am actually learning so much from having other missionaries teach me. Still have to wait 2 more months to learn characters, but hey that's no big deal. 
Family, people from the 435 and 801, take every chance you can to testify. It reinforces our testimony and can change the lives of all those around us. 
I am in good health, love hearing about the good weather! We had a cool front hit us here in HK. Canto is doing better and English is doing worse.
Love you folks
Elder Sargent

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