Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/21 Translation and Lions Rock

Things are doing so well. Elder Da and I are loving it. Things picked up at the end of this week for sure. Have 3 really solid investigators with several others that we have been working with for a while. Should have 2 baptisms this upcoming month and another soon after. Really excited about how things are going. E is a newer investigator that is deciding a day in May. He very well could get baptized sooner, but is scared of the speed of things. He is amazing and I love him! He is 25, met the sisters in Yuen Long and they turned him over. He is already great friends with the ward and can really see what this Gospel has to give to him. As well, Mr. P is doing very well, progressing and we are starting to see a lot of progress in the area, both in investigators and member work. We are teaching Elders Quorum in two weeks and are quite excited about that. All things are really clicking together. The area is doing great and on the move to beyond that. My prayers are being answered and the Lord is blessing us so much! We are so happy. We hiked Lions Rock last week which was so fun, saw a ton of super funny monkeys. 

Thought I would add a point I don't think I have mentioned that is a hard point to get past with people. I hear of many investigators in different places getting 'antied'... I have come to appreciate our investigators more when I come to realize that most people are pre 'antied' here. A little history piece: When the Book of Mormon first came to Hong Kong, the translation was (MO)(Muhn)(Ging) three characters for a sound translation (sorry can't think how to say that word in english), but if you read the characters and its meaning, it translates to (Devil)(Door)(scripture). So most people think we are a Chehgauu! Or Cult... haha. Since then, in the 90's or so, the Church redid the name to a different character for (Mo) and added a (yi) to Moyihmuhnging. So we face a lot of opposition trying to overcome that problem. Makes me really appreciate these people. 
However, this does not get us down and we fight over this. So many are still willing to open their heart. It's a testimony that no matter what the adversary does, the Lord prevails and prepares people to hear the message.

Sorry not a lot of time today! Love you all!
Elder Sargent

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