Thursday, February 25, 2016

2/21 Baptism by a recent convert


What a week!!! Been a wonder. Had my first baptismal interview, N, who got baptized this week! She went to BYU this year as a transfer student, and is awesome! Her family is heavily against the church, so it's been rough for her, but she has so much faith. A-C, a recent convert, baptized her and did great. Elder D and I shared the Restoration at the meeting and Elder D did the whole first vision in Chinese! So proud of him. Brother C, as well, came to church and the baptism and said he wants to get baptized on Saturday! What a miracle, we talked about how he still needs to quit smoking, and he said he would. Going to be a tough week, but we talked to President and got an interview scheduled up. Going forward with faith!
This month the Zone revamped our goals after MLC the first week. WE PUSH. We doubled our baptismal goals and pushed ourselves a lot more, and the fruits of our labors are coming to pass. This is the last week of the month, and we might have 4 baptisms this week as a district and one more from the zone on Saturday to get our goal! Things are progressing rapidly.
As well, the Lord really has heard our prayers recently. We have struggled for new investigators since I got here, but last week Elder D and I set a personal goal of 6 new investigators in 2 weeks to end the transfer. We both felt impressed that way and that we could rely on the Lord to accomplish it. This week we had 3! Halfway there. Got several new people that have very good potential and two have been to church now. We are so excited. This transfer has gone by so unbelievably fast. Transfers are tomorrow. Hope I can stay. I love the area and my companion. The work is hastening! 
It was a testimony building week for sure. Had many experiences that tried our faith, and it was amazing to me to see how we can overcome these things. Relying on the Spirit. If the Spirit isn't there and it doesn't testify to me, then I am not moving. Really a strong experience to help me grow. I love you all! 
Keep up the good work! If it's work and it's not the good kind, stop and find the good kind! haha 
Ever Stalwart
   Elder Sargent

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