Friday, February 12, 2016

2/11 Happy Chinese New Year

Ward BBQ

Yam Cha for Chinese New Year with N

Yam Cha for Chinese New Year with the L's

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Things have been great! Wow, I don't know where to start. It has been too long. H and K both left for Mainland these last two weeks, which has put everything off for the both of them. The Chinese New Year has put a damper on our ability to contact our investigators, but we have managed to use time effectively! It has been so much fun. It has been a little hard seeing numbers fall the past two, three weeks, but we are working on getting them back. We had to drop a few lessons to Less Actives that our ward correlater doesn't want us to visit. So we have been working on filling time, really trying to find new investigators right now. Things have been kind of rough in that aspect recently. Have had so many so close and we are just praying and working all we can do to earn one. 

I absolutely loved Zone Training and Zone Conference. It has been a powerful week. Learned so much, as well, at our leadership conference. I just feel energized. Learned so much that I want to take back and implement into our area. For Zone Conference we finally got to watch the worldwide mission conference, which was awesome! It was also nice because we got to pause it halfway through and discuss what we had learned, Pres. L is so powerful. It was amazing. 

For those of you who don't know, which is probably most, Chinese New Year is insane. Literally. Monday through pretty much today, no shops are open, everyone goes to their home town to see family. There is music and all kinds of cultural stuff going on. It's crazy. People go around saying things like, "Healthy Body", "Dragon Horse Energy" and all the older generation just give little red envelopes of money to the younger generation, to pay for schooling and to get them started and such. Have to be super respectful, but it's cool. Went on a BBQ travel with the ward.  It was so fun to get to know these people. Our ward is great. Brother C is doing super well. Still working on quitting smoking, but we are working on it. Had a super powerful lesson last night and are eating dinner with the Y's tonight. Excited! 
Talk to you in a few days! Love you all!
Elder Sargent

Cat in the kitchen

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