Thursday, November 24, 2016

11/14 We must overcome ourselves

He sang at his baptism!

I love the members!

The field is white and we plan on harvesting it. Been a great week, potentially one of the greatest Sundays on my mission, so much fun. Had to spend some time in Wan Chai and then the hospital for Elder P, and then a couple other random things I had to cover, but all in all, we accomplished the work we have to do here. Found a new investigator S who is awesome! He is actually a former from a while ago, but doesn't remember much. We met him twice this week and he even asked to come to church (in his suit!) and then came with us to the baptism for A in Tsing Yi after. Very solid. As well, Mr. W continues to surprise me as one of the most prepared people I have ever met. So willing to learn, ask's the perfect questions, and has been led right to the restored gospel here on the earth. We taught the Godhead last time, to explain the difference in the Trinity and the Godhead, how similar and how different. I don't think I have ever prepared that much for a lesson. He is such an amazing man, he couldn't come to church because he goes with his family to a different congregation, but said he is wishes to have an answer to his prayers by this week and will bring is 19 year old son, 16 year old daughter and wife next week if he gets his answer. Needless to say, I have been praying quite hard. Other investigators are progressing... slowly. They need some help and we are trying to seek for more investigators. Ward relationships are picking up quite well and I love the ward. We had an FHE at a members house last night that included about 15 people that made me feel like I was at my Grandma's house back home, the most rowdy evening of my mission. So much fun, followed by three messages from three of the young men there that are preparing to go on missions (2 play american football and rugby and the rest of the family is pretty big too... big folks). So fun! Come to find out, I know pretty much all of one of the families relatives in HK and have served in their wards! The work is progressing.

As well, got to see A get baptized!! I was able to help the Tsuen Wan sisters find a member friend to baptize him at the last second which was good, and the whole thing was amazing. He was beaming, and even sang his testimony at the end. I can't wait to see them get sealed. :)

As a companionship we are doing amazing. I love Elder P so much and we have pretty good unity which keeps things flowing. Building each other up. As well his hip/back, I believe we are past it now, during the problem it was pretty off and on, and after the Z-ray.

I am realizing, more and more, how many missionaries don't actually come home cured or having quit bad habits, it's just like holding on or stopping for just long enough to get on a mission. This kind of thing is different for anyone, could be drugs, or for a lot it is pornography or a plethora of things. Just hold off just long enough, thinking it will go away on a mission, but it doesn't. It has caused a lot of pondering as to what I am still holding on to, rationalizing it will be ok, or not fulling giving. We as missionaries are in the perfect situation to really get that change, if we so desire. We can't smoke, drink, or look at pornography as missionaries (because we still on top wish to be obedient) but it doesn't change what's deep down, unless we give it up, all of it. Can't even really hold on to a piece of it, or it will nag us right back. We must overcome ourselves.

The Zone is doing well. Got everything settled in it seems like, and I am starting to get a feel more of where the separate areas are. Lots of work to do, we need to keep finding more NI and I feel like people are starting to go back to the street finding mindset, but hopefully we can continue to seek for more referrals from people. 

I sure do love this work, I am happy and complete. I am boosted every week by doing this work, and then hearing of my stalwart family working so hard back home. I am a blessed man. God lives, and loves us. His hand is in the work, and I and grateful beyond measure to be a piece and a Shepard in this great work.
Thank the Lord for loving me enough to cut me down :)
Love Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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