Thursday, November 24, 2016

11/21 A good week!

A good week! We were able to accomplish so much! We started our children's English class this Saturday. We went finding as a District on Friday and were able to have 6 kids at our first class! Success. Hopefully we can keep it growing. There was quite a bit we did this week, including planning for the Thanksgiving activity this week. Wow, we went out to Castlepeak Bay to plan as a Zone leadership, and we consequentially rode through Yuen Long. It was quite nostalgic and took me back to those days over a year ago in my first transfer there. I haven't come back for that long! A year! That is amazing to me. I love the New Territories. So beautiful. Elder P enjoyed his first ride on the light rail as well, even though we accidentally put $50 on the lady in front of us's Octopus card. 

S asked this week to be baptized. We had asked before and he said he would when he prayed, and then this week we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he asked! He said he wanted to be baptized in December! So he set a date. He is quite solid at church. Does well. Brother W is doing well, hasn't had a super solid answer, but he said he has been having peace, and so we hope to finalize some things with him and find out what he is looking for as an answer to prayers. Also talked to a couple new less active members this week that we hope to start working with. Lots of potentials, we are looking forward to our ward activity this Saturday, and hope to have quite a few people there. The work is coming. Our ward relationship is coming, I hope to work with the Bishopric a little more and get to know them better.  As well the activity in Tsing Yi was a hit this week! And we had a ton of investigators there, I, as well, helped a brother from the other ward pull a ton of people in off the street to the activity. Elder C is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen.

The Zone is well, still seeing good progressing in both missionaries and investigators. The younger missionaries are coming out of their shells, and the others are growing in themselves. Another baptism this week in Sing Mun and then another the week after in Butterfly and after that is us! Lots of great things happening all around. We are quite excited.

This is the work of the Lord, His hand is in it, as are the hands of his ministering angels that I do believe are firmly around us buoying us up. I am grateful this Thanksgiving for my opportunity to be a missionary and to serve. To be the best I can be, in and through the Lords hands. I am grateful for my loving family that are such great examples to me. I love them!

It is interesting celebrating an American holiday in China.

Quick shout out to my Cutest Sister! (sorry Whit and Brooke!) Kate is the cutest best person I could have ever picked to sleep in the room next to me. She always sang the most beautiful Tangled songs till 2 in the morning just to help me sleep. I love her so much. Kate is my Baby sister now and forever! I love my talented, smart, and fast sister so much! You are the best Kate!  Happy Birthday!

Oh and just got chenged out so Dim Sum again... SO good. ate till I couldn't eat any more.
   Elder Sargent

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