Friday, December 2, 2016

11/28 Thanksgiving in Hong Kong!

ward activity

The members are SOOOO GOOD to us!
Fishing last P Day

Elder P caught a turtle!  He took it back and gave it to a member.


It's been a great week! The Zone Thanksgiving party was a hit, so much good food, and so much of it. I was surprised at how good of cooks we have! Elder P and I did the turkey and a boat load of mashed potatoes... (thanks Grandma Becky!!) They were so good and a hit. It was really good to give everyone in the Zone a good chance to get to know each other, seeing as we have such a new zone. I am so grateful for each one of their good examples. Our ward activity was also a hit, we had several investigators there that all seemed to enjoy the night, as well as it was a great chance to really get to know the members more. I love the Kwai Chung ward and we we are spoiled rotten here. Already looking good with lots of the members, now just to really delve in and work with the part member families or part less active families. There are a lot of husbands in the area with that situation, considering our Elders Quorum normally has 3-4 people compared to our bulging Relief Society. Lots of work to do. S is progressing well, unfortunately it seems as though people stayed up to late on Saturday because numbers were pretty low on Sunday, also including that it was freezing. So he fell under that category, as well. It was good for several of the members to get to know him so that was good. He is on date, but we might move him back a week to be baptized with the sisters investigator on Christmas Eve. As well, Brother W is doing very well also. We had a very solid lesson last time, in which he came to a better understanding of the difference in the Trinity and the Godhead, he was literally shaking when he realized that we are and have all the things that Christ's church had in those days, and eventually just said, " So I just need to pray to know if it's true?" Yes, that's what he has been working on, but hasn't really got an answer. Hopefully, this week, we are praying.
I love this gospel! The Church is true and I love it so much. I love you all, and hope everyone stays safe!!
Ever Stalwart

Love Elder Sargent

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