Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/5 Chicken Poop vs. Street Market #stillagreenie

dinner at a members
fishing on P day

Elder P

Such a fun week! I absolutely loved having interviews with President Lam and then talking to Sister Lam. I am always so much more driven and pushed and spiritually excited! It is an emotional pump up as well. The Lord supports me so much in my day-to-day failures and trials, and it is always so good to talk to President Lam about it, as well, and discuss improvement. This was also another week of miracles. So much going on and I am so glad for everything that's happening here. Saw lots of miracles at getting people to church, got a whole family there, and some other investigators. Quite amazing. S didn't come again which was a let-down, but he has been doing super well with everything else and has been keeping all other commandments. Time to concern dive. Find out what's up. We are hoping to have some more new investigators this week, coming from referrals and a couple from the street. Hitting the streets looking for LA's has been fun, not just because the of the good times and success's, but because Elder P knows the area so much better than me, already, from the finding he does around with Elder F when Elder O and I are doing ZL stuff. Things are moving along well, we are working on being pro-active. That is our goal. I love my companion and we are growing so much together!!!
The Zone is well, and we are excited about Zone Training next week, to do some training on obedience and the Book of Mormon. Getting everything ready has been a major hassle because everyone lives SO far away. So we resorted to me just calling in, which works to a point, but everything is seeming to work out. 
Funny things.. I forgot to mention.. at our Thanksgiving party last week, we made two turkey pinata's and then did a play. During the play I yelled "Chicken poop" instead of "Street market" on accident... haha the words are so similar with just a difference of tones haha Gaisi and Gaaisih. haha got some good flack from the members for it... #stillagreenie
Our guard for our building speaks some weird village language and her Canto is hilarious, so we have been teaching her random things in english, but the funniest thing is when she says leng Leuih!!! But not leuih... lewie... it is hilarious. (means pretty girl (referring to other ama)) haha hope you can relate. Congrats to my sister on getting baptized!!! So awesome! Merry Christmas!! 
The work is great! I love it and I love the Christmas season!

   Elder Sargent

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