Monday, January 2, 2017

12/12 grateful to be in HK for Christmas

Miracles. Been a good week, to say the least. As far as the work goes, up and down. We have been trying to find new investigators and finally sound a super solid one last week named A, and we were so excited because he is golden! Then found out he lives in Shing Muns area... So we are turning him over on Tuesday. S is slow, not sure what happened, but all the sudden he doesn't like church. So baptism is off till we can find out what happened. Still reads and prays, just no church. Brother W has seen the light that his church isn't the Restored church on earth, as Elder P and I have testified of the true church on the earth again, but something didn't click and he is looking at some other church that claims to have a direct line to Peter. Even though it is missing a lot of things from the church at that time, but hey he is still reading the Book of Mormon. So maybe a little more direction. I love teaching him, he just hasn't quite seen it yet, which might be our fault, but it is coming!
LA's have been tough, can't get into the Tsuen's and most the numbers aren't good. Found out several of the people in our records are dead, moved, or really don't have interest, so that's also another work. Elder P has a new love for LA finding that has grown this transfer, so he tends to do that more now when he has exchanges.  Pretty fun. 

Zone Training was this week, it was ok... not too great. Had some hard time planning and then it all just came so fast! I couldn't find time to go to the New Territories to plan, so they tried calling me in on the phone, which was tough, so next time we are going to have to figure something else out. 

All in all, we are super busy with lots of stuff to be organized for the Zone and just as much in the area, and just as much in the companionship. As my family says, "ever stalwart." There is no substitute for hard work, and love. Ride on!

God loves each one of us personally and I want to testify of that. It's a busy season with lots going on, but I invite each one of you to do the Christmas initiative, and if not, just serve and love. Its a special time of year. I love my life and my mission and am so glad I can be here in Hong Kong for another Christmas. Celebrate with cheer!
Ever Stalwart!
Love Elder Sargent
Merry Christmas!

pictures are dinners on exchange with the Ho's!
Pday pizza, huge! and thats E Turner
My comp got a little excited during planning...

   Elder Sargent

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