Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/30 Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year's meal at the Y's
apartment elders

ward bbq

more ward bbq

Bro T dressed all nice

It has been a great week! The New Year has made it especially difficult this week to get things done with everyone being out and about in Mainland and elsewhere, but that's ok! We figured it out. J is doing great! He passed his baptismal interview this week, and it was announced on Sunday at church. It will be a big time for him as well as the Young Men who he has come to develop a good relationship with. V is doing well also, we hope to possibly move his date up as well, considering we have completed almost all the lessons and he is doing so great. Brother L couldn't come down this week because of the new year, but will see him next week. We also got to help serve Brother T move to a new house this week,  and he will also need a little more help next week. It is amazing to see our ward just gather around and help in the drop of a hat. Priesthood keys and power. Great men and examples in our ward. The area is doing good, but we are lacking time in finding new investigators. We have been seeking referrals and contacting on the street. I would like to focus more on part-member families in the coming weeks as well, which is something that we have been discussing as a ward and area. Had such a fun ward activity today to go BBQ. So much success! I love it. I love it here so much. 

Last Monday we also got to eat lunch with the first stake president of Hong Kong, President P, at the YMCA building in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was all-you-can-eat buffet, nicest meal I have had in HK. So nice. There were some other senior missionaries there as well, such a nice place, such amazing food, as well, it was good to talk to them. Great experience.

It has been fun starting into working with Elder S as an Assistant. He is actually a Mandarin missionary and we came out together. He is so funny in his own way, reminds me of my Uncle Mike Jr. in his dedication to BYU haha. He is an amazing missionary that I look forward to serving with. It will be sad sending Elder W out. We have come to be great friends and I always wanted to serve with him. He is helping me get things figured out for the next week and a half. I felt like Mr. Incredible at the keyboard at first. It has been a while since I have really used a computer. It's true you think you know how busy people are until you step in their shoes. There is so much to do! Updating and lots of number stuff right now. Hopefully we can slim down some more after we get this new schedule figured out after Mission Conference. I have felt bad for Elder E, we have tried to find stuff for him to do, but it is still quite a bit of time by himself. He is practically training himself now. He is a pretty hard worker, I look up to his dedication and desire. He seeks to always be doing something. He tends to be a little more quiet, and I am trying to help him to speak more, but he carries his message across. 

The district is doing well, lots of down time this week to try everything we can do to stay busy. Working with less actives, members, and then turning to the street. We are seeing lots of success in seeking for truly progressing areas. It has been fun to see what has happened, but also is making it tough, but in wise words, "If one door doesn't close, another can't open." President L is right! That is what we are seeking for.

My thoughts today are on vision. What is our vision? Do you have one? If you do, are you doing everything we can do to achieve it? Go forward with faith and do the things the Lord has commanded us to do.
   Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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