Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2/6 Chinese New Years finally over. Come back investigators. Big changes! Lots to say.

J's baptism - he's on the left

J's baptism

J's baptism, and last week with Elder E, my favorite Brit

Dinner with the L's

Mission conferences - good to see old friends

Throwback to meeting Pres. L in the MTC

What a great week! Even the New Year couldn't slow us down. Well, it sent everyone out of town, but the progressing people and others that really needed to be seen were still here. Most of the other potentials were gone, but it worked out with so much to do in the office this week and Mission Conference. 

J was baptized this week! It was absolutely amazing. The Young Men were all there around him, his mother came and was also enveloped by our Relief Society. It made me so proud of our ward. They are so good at being living followers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not just in word, but in deed. His actual baptism was one of the most smooth and perfect of any I have seen on my mission. The Spirit was so strong, especially after we as missionaries sang "The Spirit of God" to the piano. It was so strong it was almost tangible.  He is doing well and making good ground with testimony and relationships with the members. V is solid for March, testimony is doing so well, he in general is prepared if we could do it this week, but with the New Year his job needs him in on Sundays for the next 2 weeks which put things off. I love working with them and they are so prepared. I started meeting him a year ago and to see the changes he has made is amazing. On that note, so is K! Sometimes I feel I came to HK just to find him. He is amazing for a 13 year old and has grown up so much. He tried to convert all of his family in Mainland during the break, and seems like he was successful.  We will be getting their info soon, and they can start attending and then in a few months come down and hear the lessons and be baptized! That's the vision. Everyone is doing well honestly. There is so much potential right now in our area. Now that the New Years celebration is over, hopefully we can really get to work with it. I am excited to work with Elder Earls and feel like he has the right skill set to really help and do what he can while we tackle the area and what needs to be done in the office. 

It has been a great week with the mission for Mission Conferences this week. Really good to get to see everyone and get to know many that I previously didn't know very well (and watch the broadcast multiple times!). As for things in the office, it seems as though we were able to take down most of the problems that have come up with all three of us together in helping me get used to the office still (after 2 weeks you think I would be familiar with a computer again). That should get us onto the right step going into the new transfer in keeping office time down. It was amazing to see how transfers work and get to be a part of that. I am really grateful for this opportunity to serve and work here. Elder S is amazing, a real example to me, as well as being hilarious in his own funny way. We are going to have to figure out how to work the time schedule, but it shouldn't be too hard, just scheduling. The other random things that pop up are going to be where the problems lie.  Elder Ea will be my new companion.  That will be great.  I will be sad leaving Elder E, he is a good Elder with lots of potential. He will do great things. I hope to learn to be more confident in my ways here in the office, I feel a little like a small guy and inadequate, but, no problem, I can do it.

The new changes included less Key Indicators, but President decided to keep Member Presents and Full lessons just for us to see how things are going, as well, P-day is almost no studies now and planning is in the morning. Lots of good changes that I think will have a good effect on the mission and the members here. Focusing on what matters most. Seeking and doing what we have to for real progression. 

It was a reminder and a testimony that we have the priesthood on the earth today, that we are lead by prophets and apostles that see and work through the Spirit to guide and direct us. I know He lives and that He is in charge of this work. 
I love you all! Add oil!
Ever Stalwart
Love Elder Sargent

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