Saturday, February 25, 2017

2/20 Miracles...more...and more!

Sometimes for these letters I really just don't know where to begin! Another week that just goes beyond description of what I can give you. When I thought the miracles might slow down, they have kept speeding up! It's unbelievable. Start at church yesterday, S W came with her kids, they are such balls of energy, but our Primary handled that shot well, she was about to die of exhaustion, but made it through. We visited them as well last night, and hope to start meeting her when her kids are at school with her sister and some other Relief Society sisters. As well A and her sons turned into more miracles! This week on exchanges with Elder J. J., we taught their family at their home and the Dad B was there! He is so solid and led the family in such a touching prayer to close our message. The Spirit was so strong, everyone just looked at each other with big smiles on their faces, even their normally rambunctious kids. It was so quiet. They all came to church on Sunday as well, with the exception of A, who had to work. The Primary again did well, and so did the Young Men with Ad. Next, the Y family! Little K is awesome. He was there with his mom and sister, and the Primary is doing a great job of helping him prepare for baptism and the tell his dad what the church is. We visited yesterday, but the dad had left for Mainland for the day, so we need to wait till next week to set a solid goal for him. He is a great 8 year old, like a little brother. V is still solid, just having working problems these couple weeks that he can't get out of. So is Brother L, probably going to do the Mainland process with him. We will see how it goes. 
We also saw so many miracles in finding former investigators that we haven't seen for a while due to New Year's that are ready to go and to progress again. S and H are two of those miracles we saw on exchanges with Elder JJ. As well, quick couple of miracles from the week, as well on exchanges, we had a lady named Sister H that walked into the chapel after ward correlation and ran into our ward mission leader, he came and got us from the office and we met with her! Such a powerful experience! She was on the brink of tears the whole time, Bro. S did amazing and we got their whole family set up with the mandarin elders in the New Territories. 3 college girls walked into sacrament as well that the sisters took that are awesome as well! They will be turned over to the Sha Tin sisters though. Such miracles! The Lord is preparing people left and right. I fully believe that they are being sent to the prepared places as well. Our Young Men's and Primary are such solid programs, our Bishop was just raving today later after church when he was about to go home. He just couldn't believe there were that many kids at primary or that many investigators at church. We talked about prepared auxiliaries and how the ward is ready to do the work. So, the Lord will do His part and His will and send His prepared. 
The office has been good, trying to get a few things out soon, we need to get the Summer missionary program finished up, just need a few dates, and as well need to start preparing for MLC and then Mission Conferences after that.. Then transfers after that... Time will just pick up again. One thing at a time. 
We are getting things figured out in the office, need more organization for time, but it's doing well. Exchanges this week with Elder JJ were a success, I am glad to start doing exchanges and have a few planned out already. I have heard a lot from the other Zone leaders in wanting to do them and never having done them with the Assistants. Good reports, and I love being able to go there or stay here for it. Cheung Sha Wan is a great place train, nothing we are doing, but to show what good members can do. Elder JJ was  good, he has good energy, good language, and is a sanctified missionary from what I can tell. He has a desire for the work. We talked about energy and attitude in the missionaries, and how much it effects the work. Attitude is a big part! 
Happy as a lark as always! Love what I am doing and never want to stop. The Lord lives and this is his work! I love you all! Take care. Ever Stalwart!
Love Elder Sargent

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