Sunday, March 5, 2017

2/27 Moses?

Lunch with Sister Y
transfers with Elder C from my MTC group

Elder Ea

As always a good week. It seemed like last week was our 7 days of harvest, for this week 7 weeks of, well people being busy! Teaching wise it was a slower week, lots of fongs with new people, and others were busy as well. However, at the end of the week, they are so solid and we made lots of ground. Quick updates on miracles: Little K brought his dad to church on Sunday! It was so awesome to see their whole family at church. We visited again yesterday, shared the Restoration and some other question stuff. He likes the church, but still is considering allowing Ken to be baptized. He will be in our prayers this week. The L family is also doing very well, everyone but the mom was at church on Sunday again and everyone loved them again! Making good progression, Brother L, B, even asked to pray at Gospel Essentials. Amazing. We had a businessman from Utah show up at church as well with two friends he had been sharing the gospel with. We shared a message with them and they came to church as well! Both have solid potential. One even lives in our area, the other lives on Tsing Yi. Glad to send him that way. So many miracles. We have loads of potentials as well, this week we are seeing a couple new people, looking to be a packed week. I thought things might slow down... but nope. Somehow keep picking up. High goals for this month. High goals. 
Got to meet with President L this week! Even though he is my neighbor, both in office and home, I don't get to see him as oft as would be wished, at least just to talk. He is so busy with this new schedule it baffles me how he does it. Amazing. We get interviews every 6 weeks now. It was fun to talk with him and share what I have been learning and working on. I feel like talking to him now is just talking to a friend. A man I look up to.
Companionship is well! Elder Ea and I got to spend more time together this week which was great! He has been sick for the last couple days and we are just getting him back up and running. I don't know how I don't get sick. I quit sugar this week, well at least am trying, so that must be it. As an office companionship, it works! I love working with Elder S, I think he is hilarious. Hard worker and has good ethic. Elder L is about as solid as they come as well. 
The office work is little! Which is great. We got summer missionary stuff out last week, and then as well met with some leaders to get started on Hong Kong's Mini MTC! Should be a blast. They haven't done one for a while and hope to make this really big. All day, really make it a real experience as well. Should be good. Small moves here and there make it interesting, and we are starting to gear up for MLC this week, then Mission Conferences the week after. Lots going on keeps it fun. 
We also moved the Fanleng sisters apt this week. A real good time, went smooth... and another excuse to ride in the car. Also, exchanges this week with Elder C! Went well, and it was fun to be with an MTC friend again.
It is amazing to see the Lord's hand in so much of what we do. It always seems to be there. God's grace is real,  not only in repentance, sometimes I think we forget that. It ties into the enabling power of the Atonement as well. All just so we can do this work. It is amazing. He lives, I know it and I cannot deny it.
I love the Lord.
Love Elder Sargent  

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