Saturday, March 11, 2017

3/6 The Flock

It was a busy week to put it right! Sure a good time. I loved MLC, and got some good thoughts from it. The discussions and councils I felt helped a lot. Once we decided to change numbers again, sent me back to the office to get everything changed in format for the upcoming week. Got it all figured out and fixed up. Had a bunch of random things pop up that we didn't get done till the weekend for lack of time, but pounded them out just in time. I have never been to one of the "Mandarin Meetings" before, so that was fun to put on and get to know the Mandarin missionaries a little better. So many fun little things happened! We got to help out with another ML baptism, The Kwai Chung sisters taught a lady, but needed help with the baptismal service, so Elder Ea got to baptize her and the ShaTin Elders came down to do the rest. Elder Ea was pretty excited, it was quite last minute, and he was in a rush trying to memorize the prayer. After he just walked out in shock, "I just baptized my first person! Wow! And she was from ML!" He was pretty excited. One other funny thing, was the International districts quarterly Temple Sunday was yesterday, and they didn't have enough people to bless so they got Elder Ea and I. All 6 Branch presidents passed with 6 other men, and 6 of us broke for this huge congregation. President Funk (Asia Area President and 1st Quorum of the 70)  came as well. It felt so weird to break bread again and sing in English, but it was kind of a touching moment and it felt good to hear and partake of that sacred ordinance in my mother tongue again. It was powerful. 
The area is doing well, Little K is going to be baptized on March the 26th! His dad gave the ok for him to go yesterday at their home. The Primary is very excited and it will be a good start for that special kid. I sure love him. He might be 8, but he has the spiritual maturity of someone much farther beyond his years. V asked to move his date back, J supporting him even, to next month. His job is still creating problems, so we might have to be more straight forward with that. We are teaching him his last lesson with our Bishops family this week on marriage and eternal families. We are excited and hopefully they can keep preparing. I feel he needs more spiritual boost going into this, but they are so love struck its hard to get that focus. I can see why a BYU ward would be so interesting now. The L's are doing great. A was at church yesterday, she is quite interesting sometimes... actually most of the time. Haha her son sat with us and was helping one of the primary kids on the row and she stood up in sacrament and told him to focus. The family is doing great! Everyone loves them and A and E are well engaged in  Sunday School. Good kids. B does well also. Asks good questions an gives good input. 
The area is doing well, our problem is scheduling lessons and turning them into spiritual feeding lessons. I find us to often having to meet at a restaurant or some other location. Hope to change that.
As a companionship we are well! Elder Ea got over being sick at the beginning of the week so I could be sick the rest. I spoke like good old Josh Turner for the better part of the week. Almost better now though. Lots of good members to give me Chinese medicine. We are staying on top of things for the most part, no problem. Elder Ea is good to take care of calls and updates so we stay as effect as we can.
I know God answers prayers. I know he is listening to me, and even when I have to pray for the same thing for 2 weeks, he is just trying me and will still answer. Patience is a virtue. Hebrews 12 has a scripture that basically says, have patience, the Lord will give all he has promised. I know its true. God lives and He listens to all our prayers. 
I love my mission.
Love Elder Sargent

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