Friday, March 24, 2017

3/13 Busy

V at Bishop's house
raiding a buffet near the church on Pday


march madness training at MLC

date night with Elder Ea after he had to do exchanges all week


Another crazy week to say the least. Two exchanges back-to-back, self-reliance training and some great progress with investigators. The Lords hand is in this work, that's for sure.
We had a great dinner with Bishop L, his wife, in addition to J and V this last week. Besides the great food at their home, it was a great discussion on family and the gospel, and especially, their upcoming marriage. It was one of my favorite visits, just being in a home and having a discussion like that, just made me happy. I loved it. V was tearing up talking about how grateful he was that even though this world is so big, God helped him find J. He moved his date back a month due to challenges with coming to church, but is working hard and so prepared. The L family is doing great! We had some great progress with them. It has been amazing to see the gospel change that family. We had one of my favorite lessons on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. E and A were involved and the family loved the lesson. They met with Bishop on Sunday and have been telling people they would like to be baptized even before June! Making great progress. S W, if you can remember her, decided to work for it this week. She knows what she has to do, and she told us! She was so prepared for that lesson, it was just her and the Spirit. She even took us to Dim Sum after that. Lots of good progress with people. The ward is progressing as far as involvement, the Primary is really wanting to harvest in English Class, hopefully we can see some more turn out there. 
Elder Ea went to Tolo Harbor, and then to Kowloon City right after. We might with the reporter on Saturday, and scheduled this Saturday to do the story. They want to follow us around and then do a short interview. I am looking forward to it. We will represent well. We are working well together. He is a lot of fun, very patient, and really funny. I sure do enjoy his companionship. 
I have been pondering a lot on what President Lam has said this week, I would love to get things moving in the mission baptismal goal. We could do it. Just a paradigm shift, in both missionaries and members. Take the advice of Elder Wong. Double time. 
I love being a missionary. Go to work.

   Elder Sargent

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