Friday, March 24, 2017

3/20 Miracles

Knee How

I don't feel like I can start a letter with out starting with, "What a great week!" or something similar. Just can't do it. Every week is just so great!
This week we had quite a bit of interesting stuff happen. Start from the most recent and go back. Brother L got baptized! He called on Saturday night (well called our Ward Mission Leader Brother S) and told him he would be coming down and wished to be baptized. Due to the way things were, too much to explain, it was available, he came down and after church we met with him, then he had his baptismal interview, and an Recent Convert, Brother T, got to baptize him! It was great. Had a few members from the ward able to stay after, and Brother S did great in getting it organized last minute. Brother L was all smiles, which was unusual because he is a fairly solemn fellow. Brother T was just absolutely beaming that he could help someone follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism, just as he did not to long ago. I think the only two that weren't frazzled and stressed were those two, so it worked out perfect. I have known Brother L for 9 months. I know he will do great things for his family in Mainland. I don't know if I mentioned, but before he would wake up around 4 in the morning to ride a bus 3-4 hours here every other Sunday. For 9 months. Stalwart.
Other investigators are doing great! V is still preparing, lots of determination, I just think he justifies his job on Sunday because it is service. He said he will be able to work it out, and I still think he will be good to go for the 22nd, but he probably will have to get a new job. The L family is also still progressing great. So good! I had someone ask me why I love being a missionary, I told him because I love seeing people change, and immediately thought of them. I love seeing the gospel change people. Little K will also be getting baptized on Sunday! Another one I met at about the same time as Brother L. Both parents aren't members, but his mom, Sister Y, has been bringing them to church for the last 9 months! So amazing. Wui Kun (Chinese name) is probably the most prepared 8 year old I have ever seen. I literally see him as a 70 in Hong Kong one day. His sister YY will follow him one day when she is 8, and even some of the members have mentioned Sister Y looks like she is really engaged and wanting to learn. The gospel and families. These are a few of my favorite things. S is doing well, engaged and determined. She is keeping commitments and we are meeting her every week now. Off to a great start. Another family, and they are moving to California in a few years. So much good going on.
As a companionship we are doing great! I am going to try to work with Elder Ea this week on being more proactive in our language. He hasn't put much time into it, partly my fault, but it is game time for his language now. Hope to get him prepared to lead soon, and not have to worry about language. We work well together, things are working out great. He is a strong support.
No exchanges this week, but Zone Conference was great! I loved it, and got a lot from it. We as missionaries, and anyone really, cannot forget the center of our message, Christ. We tend to let that get put to the wayside and I hear to many missionaries, even myself, preaching of the "Church." "Would you like to hear about our Church?" There are SO many churches in HK, no one wants to hear about another one. The people need to hear about Christ, and come to a greater understanding of who he is. A necessity for this people. Got a lot to take and apply.
I am doing well, excited for this transfer week. A big transfer for sure, oh and a side note, it is Elder S and Elder L versus Elder E and I in the Final 4 of our March Madness. I fear we will lose by a long shot. Never give up hope.
I love being a missionary, and I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Love Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

   Elder Sargent

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