Thursday, January 19, 2017

1/16 Feeling the progress

"And it came to pass, that the Elder's Cheung Sha Wan did continue to progress the work. Insomuch, they worked hard, and the love of the people did abide in them, to the point that their joy did exceed that of all understanding." Elder Sargent's Journal 1:15. I love the work!
The work here is doing very well, PL, an investigator that was supposed to be baptized this Sunday, completely dropped. We haven't seen him since he saw Elder R and E the last day of last transfer, but have maintained contact. He experienced some setbacks with the Law of Tithing, and would like to hold off for now. Our ward mission leader is in good contact with him and is trying to get him back as well as the member who referred him. J is doing very well, and the ward loves him, he fits in with our YSA as well as our Young Mens quorum. They all really like him, and have been part of his conversion these past weeks and months. He is looking solid for February. V is so great! This is probably one of my favorite situations of my mission, just because it's another forever family in the making!  I already knew, but broke the news to me that he is engaged to JL (member) this week. I also may have accidentally broke the news to J that V has a baptismal date he set himself for March... They are doing so well, goal is to have him and Johnson in church attire on Sundays now. We also had SW at church, as well as Brother L. I don't know why Brother L hasn't been taught, he has been coming to church all the way from Mainland every Sunday for 4 months now. So we talked to him and are going to start meeting in the mornings before church, and he would like to be baptized! More on that next week. It has been awesome to see the ward really taking care of the Y family, I don't know if you remember the small family of the mother with her 7 year old son K and 4 year old daughter Y that we found through English class. Well the ward has done so well with them! The mother doesn't have much interest, and they don't come to English anymore, but they do come to scouts and church. So amazing. K is a future 70. Anyways, he will be 8 in March, and the ward would like us to teach him (no problem! He is like my adopted Chinese little brother) and help him get baptized. So we got a plan worked out with some of the members and are excited to see where that goes. So much going on, hope to have a couple reactivations soon as well, Brother T and an RMLA E, I saw him come home last year, now we are helping him come back to church. He is doing well and finding his desire again. 

As a companionship, things are great! Lots of love and jokes and smiles in the companionship. So happy I finally get to serve with an Englishman, a dream come true. The only problem, my accent isn't improving. He said it's now more a mix of South African, Australian, and a little British. Jokes aside, he is a hard worker. Always doing something proactive. Still being in the young stages as a missionary, he doesn't really know where to funnel his desire or really how to go about improving and learning. So we have spent some time this week planning, and guiding him to build a plan fit for him that will help him grow the most. Training is catching up and we are really coming to enjoy our roleplays during studies. 

The district is doing well, it is kind of weird not having as much to do. Kind of relaxing though. More time for the area. Cheung Sha Wan sisters are doing well, seem to be having a hard time finding new and progressing investigators, as is the Sisters Sham Shui Po. We are seeking to have true progressing areas. If they aren't progressing, let them go, and keep contact until they are ready. This the work of salvation and we are sent to find the prepared. I feel like I have learned that more and more on my mission. 

The weather is nice, I love living at the temple, I love my roommates and my area and my companion. 
I love the work of the Lord. I wish that I could shout with the trump of angels that Christ is risen. He lives, God lives and I am here to help this people come to a greater understanding of their capacity as individuals on this earth.
Love Elder Sargent
Always Ever Stalwart

   Elder Sargent

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