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1/4 Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
This week we had our ward travel Monday and Zone Training, so we are barely getting to report quick this morning. 

This last week has been a wild one for sure. Very up and down, it was so good to see my family on Monday for skyping! A big lift this week. A and S as well accepted baptism and we plan on setting a date with them tonight. Both are very solid and we hope to see them continue to progress. The ward is doing well, we were able to see some more new Less Active members this week and found a very solid LA named S who just got back from Taiwan a couple weeks ago. He is probably 30-40 years old and has a really good heart. He hasn't come to church for a long time, or done much reading or praying, but he is willing to listen, as well, is willing to act. He came with us on our ward trip this Monday to Sau Tau Kok and it was a blast. He talked to many members and was able to start developing many relationships in the ward. Our ward really needs men and priesthood holders right now, so meeting him was a bright light. It was a great week, good activities, and we started on the ward list, calling and visiting everyone on it. Many have moved or passed away, some don't have any interest, but we have seen success in meeting some of them.

Zone training went well, energy was a little down, but it seemed to rise during the meeting, we trained on "BURST" and time effectiveness. Bursting in 30 minute segments every day talking to everyone we see, inviting all of them to come to church and giving fliers. Part of the reasoning was for finding new investigators, part of it for upping spirits. After we did the role-play, everyone was pretty happy and did admit that quick street contacts are pretty fun. They were all smiles afterwards. Elder O and I gave Elder T an update on the Zone and gave him our info after the meeting and then last night met with Brother C to discuss, and go over end of year goals. Lots of good changes and room for growth this transfer. 

All in all things are coming along. I have been transferred.  Looking forward to go back home to CSW and a chance to step train, and work in the capacity of a District leader again. Sad to leave Kwai Chung so fast and Elder P. I couldn't sleep on Sunday night, just pondering if I have done all I needed to do here with my companion. I head back to Cheung Sha Wan tomorrow morning, but this time to live under the temple!! That's pretty neat. I am blessed, to say the least. Apparently most of the ward already know and I have had two members call me out of the blue.

I can't believe it's a new year already. I am so grateful I got to spend ALL of 2016 in HK serving the Lord and the Hong Kong people. It is the best work. I am grateful to have seen and made so many great friends this year, for my family being healthy, and all the other countless blessings that have rained down upon me.

I read a quote the other day, "The only real disability in this life is a bad attitude." - I hope we can all set our sights high to live happy every day. Smile! I love life and I love being a missionary.

Ever Stalwart!
Love Elder Sargent

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