Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/9 The beautiful smell of temple flowers

What a week! It has been such a rollercoaster. It has really been a great time in Kwai Chung.  The time went by so fast there. I can't believe I was there for such a short time, but such a long time in that apartment. Lots of cherished memories there. So grateful for the friends I made there and the work I got to do in Kwai Chung. I will be honest, I don't think we were able to accomplish a ton as far as the ward went and the work. We had two baptismal dates there at the end which was pretty exciting, but I unfortunately couldn't seem to get a grip on where to keep moving. It was, however, a great transfer in learning. I learned so much in such a short transfer that I am very excited to bring it to Cheung Sha Wan and carry into the work. The work here seems to be doing really well, Elder R handled it well, and I am glad to take his spot back here. I am looking forward to training and serving in the capacity of District Leader once again. Those are definitely the two best assignments as a missionary. It will be the first time elders have been outnumbered by sisters in my mission, but it will be fun, it brings maturity. Elder E is such a diligent hard worker. I can tell he has been preparing to come out. We have a good time with accents, sometimes I don't understand him, sometimes he doesn't understand me. I love him so much already and we are looking forward to working together. 
There are several people with dates now! It was fun to come back and see V has a date he set himself, and he proposed to J! He is doing well, still struggling with coming to church, but everything else is great. J, a new investigator that got turned over from TST, now has a date we set this week, he is 16 and a sprinter in HK. He and Elder E plan on racing sometime. He is doing well also, but as well needs to work on his church attendance. He has great member relations. The other is P L, another referral from our recent reactivation. He is very solid, but his worry is in tithing, whether or not he can do it, be where he is moneywise. Our ward mission leader is seeing him this morning for lunch and hopefully they can work it out. The work other than that is doing well, lots of potentials and part member families we would like to work with. Bishop L has put a large emphasis on missionary work. It is really exciting to see and I can't wait to see what work we can do. The ward welcomed me back with open arms, lots of warm embraces and hand shakes from the sisters. Felt like I was going home. So much fun, and it feels like I am on vacation living in the temple, coming out every morning to the smell of flowers in the temple garden. Life couldn't be better.

The district is looking good, excited to work with Sister V and Sister S, as well as the Sham Shui Pou sisters. Solid district. One thing I would like to focus on is finding new investigators and keeping a healthy inflow of people, be it new investigators or LAs. Elder E's training will be another focus.  He is actually from England and got here last transfer. He is 18, enjoys parkour, and holds the world record for amount of front flips in a minute (45? or something? crazy). He is awesome, language is coming.  He is amazing and a great example to me.

Work hard, play hard! Need to get myself repositioned here, but I am so happy! Just passed the two year anniversary of losing my Nana Rosy as well. I am grateful for the great plan our loving Heavenly Father has prepared for us, to see our family again. It really is what this is all about. Perpetuating this great family beyond the grave, not just our blood brothers and sisters, but our spiritual ones as well. Seek out the weary and the weak hearted. That's one thing Nana taught me. Have the spiritual maturity to seek out those in need, because everyone has a need. We just have to find it. Everyone can be supported. Lift those around us.

I love you! Merry January. I sure love being a missionary. ;)
Love Elder Sargent- 

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