Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/17 If I could describe...

A celebration after the L family passed their baptism interview
Dinner with K's and P's

Easter treats and FRUIT Yum from Sister Y

A wedding cake for Elder L's birthday

Happy Easter!!
It has been another great week in the land of Cheung Sha Wan. A lot of people left out of town for the long week end, but we kept things moving. The L family is great! They passed their interview today (B, A, and E). They are awesome! Everyone seems to really like them, the ward is enveloping them. We had a great cake and snacks after their interview today to celebrate as well as celebrate A's birthday this upcoming Thursday! Turning 11! He really is a great kid.  When we were dishing out the cake he almost started eating, then exclaimed, "Wait!! We must bless the cake first!!" It was funny, but reminded me of the Sister at General Conference that spoke of how sometimes we undershoot the younger generation and their maturity. B is excited and the family is ready to go. They couldn't make it to church on Sunday due to visiting family in Mainland, but the ward announced it and started preparing. V is awesome, was at Priesthood bright and early on Sunday, he has been sick this last little while and seemed pretty tired at church, but just has such a big desire to get baptized. The members again were all asking him about it on Sunday. We might be able to bump it up a week (then we can party after because it's not on a Fast Sunday ;). The others are doing well also. 
The area has had some big changes this year, members have even mentioned it. We lost another family this Sunday that moved to Singapore. That is the third family this year. We have had two small families move in so that has been a good contrast, but now getting everyone accustomed to each other will be the challenge, and adding in the other recent additions there is a period right now, where everyone is getting accustomed to the new culture of the ward. We still have some struggling YSA's that is hard to see. Actually really hard. I sat pondering on Sunday during personal study, I have had some of my greatest joys on my mission, but I have also had some of my greatest sorrows here as well. They come that way. As we learn in Alma 40, there is no joy with out sorrow, but I have come to learn that the joys always last long, and that the Lord can truly compensate my imperfections and the imperfections we have as mortals to bring the light back. 
It was great to watch the Priesthood Session finally! We actually ended up having to help an Indian family getting sealed today find a Hostel to stay at. They had to come a day early for a cheaper flight, so we got roped into that for a minute and watched the rest by ourselves. What great talks, I just can't get over it. So amazing. President Uchtdorfs talk, Elder Bednar, all of them... Amazing. All directed to the one, and all. A gift I wish to develop. Need lots of time with the Spirit. As well all of them tailored in a fashion that they can talk about different subjects, but bring it back to the Savior or have Him in the background. Something else I wish we could all do in all of our speaking and teaching opportunities.
A great Easter week. I sure love this time of year. We are back in short sleeves again, got to enjoy some nice weather for a bit, but the weather flipped a switch into summer all the sudden. The cool weather helps me enjoy the season. I love the Savior and am grateful for the opportunities he has given me. I was able to gain some great insights this week into the Savior's life and my relationship with him this week through Conference and some guidance from President Lam. 
I had a great exchange with Elder x this week, his Cantonese is much better than I remember, props. He is strictly obedient, a great example and and hard worker.  He is a missionary I look up to. 
Elder Ea is great. We work well together. I have never enjoyed the work more that I do now, and that is tough, because I love being a missionary. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. 
The Lord lives. I know it. I believe it. He is my strength and my salvation.

"The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace."

Love Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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