Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/15 Happy Mother's Day

skyping home for Mother's Day

Amazing week! A rest week will be well needed though. Zone Conference was great this week! It was fun to be a part of it this time, I hope the Spirit was able to testify to the missionaries of what they needed to hear from our training's, whether it be about PMG and faith or otherwise. Elder S, myself, and Elder Co gave a 45 min training, 4 times this week. President Lam described it as our last words, just as the prophets do in the scriptures. Truly blessed to have been a part of that. Something special. It was good to see so many of their smiling faces. I do believe that Hong Kong has the best missionaries out there. 
The area is great! V came to the Adult session of Stake Conference on Saturday, and what a session to attend. He will be confirmed this upcoming Sunday. The Spirit was so strong, a great discussion on missionary work from Elder Meredith, of the Seventy. S came as well and sat with Sister K. We had a great lesson with her this last week (again with Sister K, those two are peas in a pod) that went really well. Hou Kei is on the same route. He has felt the Spirit, he can't stop smiling the whole time. He is doing well and came to Stake Conference for his first time at church. Sister C and JC are doing great, we had to meet them outside at a Chinese checker table at the base of their apartment due to a mix up with their fellow-shipper. The lesson was ok, but a miracle came when a lady walked up behind us and had interest and wanted to learn with her baby and young daughter that she was with. Then all the sudden her and Sister C hit it off, they were from the same hometown, which is crazy, then they were from the same street!!! They started jumping and screaming. Hugged each other. Good thing we got her number before that, because we had to leave... they seemed to be instant friends. Miracles. Oh and the 70 Elder Meredith visited the L family with President M, the Stake President. He promised A he would come back when she gets baptized. 
I felt my emotions on the surface a lot this last Stake Conference. I don't know exactly what it was. The Spirit was so strong, great speakers, C even spoke! I was so happy for him. Discussing missionary work on Saturday and then all the simple truths that were testified really touched my heart. I took lots of notes. It was fun to be squashed on the front row surrounded by Ken, Tintin, Adam, Eddie, and Johnson. All people I have really seen grow since I have been here. I love this gospel. 
The work goes on. It never stops, it rolls forth out of the mountain cut without hands. He lives and He is in charge. He merely asks, "Come, follow me." 

A shout out to all the miracle mothers out there, my beautiful mother, Nana Rosy, Grandma Becky, and all my aunts. You are all the best. I have come to believe that God especially loves the mothers of this earth, those who bring His spirit children into the world. I love and am grateful for all each one of you do for me. 
Especially to my Mom, I hope you all know how much I love her. To those who don't, she is a woman of great spiritual stature who has raised me with all the patience that could be mustered. I couldn't and probably still am. Taking care of me in so many ways. I sure love her. 

Ever Stalwart!!!
Love Elder Sargent

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