Saturday, May 27, 2017

5/22 Just a lucky Elder :)

Check out Facebook to see the missionaries singing Called to Serve to Elder Quentin Cook when he visited this week.  It was posted on the mission page for the China Hong Kong mission for President Lam

A great week! It was so fun to see the family, I was surprised how much they have matured. I guess that's what you get with a young family. This week has definitely been different, I got into the "My Plan" packet which I misplaced, on top of seeing family and a lot of members knowing I go home in month, my heart has been battling this week. Fighting thoughts of home, but preparing for such, and as well, keeping focus on the work. It has been a challenge, but I am always up for a challenge. :) 
The area is doing well, realizing we have a lot more potential coming up after these few weeks now that the DSE is over and people are starting to be a little more available. H, a potential that passed his baptismal interview but got shut down from his parents a year ago, is ready to come back now that school is up, AL (Recent Convert) is ready and scheduled this week now that the test is up, and more. Lots of people to come out of the wood work in the coming weeks. Sister C is doing great with J, it has been great to see the gospel work in their lives, enhancing their relationship and helping them become better together. They are doing very well. R is doing great and came to church again yesterday. V had his confirmation yesterday! He is great, unfortunately J couldn't come because of a work complication, but he is doing so good! We hope to see V and B with callings soon. The area is doing great, actually wish we could teach a little more, but every one last week was 唔得閒住. 
It is a testimony to me that unless we are progressing, we will digress. One friend hasn't been willing to share the gospel with his family or make steps to progress, and we are starting to see some of the effects. I am a little worried, not bad, but hope to see him turn the corner here and move onward and upward. It was the same with another. It goes for all of us as well. Unless we are willing to progress then we will be forced to digress.
The ward is great, we had a great correlation with Brother C, our 1st counselor. Poor guy, keep him in your prayers. We talked for a while about how our ward is kind of special since, around 30% of our people don't actually live in our area which makes it hard to take care of them all. In addition to several members really needing assistance, which makes the priesthood holders quite busy, and quite 辛苦. He asked that we seek to continue to lift the feeble arms and raise the weary heads of the Brothers and Sisters that need it. I see it and hope to be an assistance, we have been in harvesting mode in our ward these past few months, and it is looking to continue, as the ward is prepared and loving all those that come. We are in need of loving those and each member to continue to serve those around us. 
I sure love this work and these people. I don't know if I could reiterate it enough. I am excited to see Elder Cook here in a couple hours and and beyond grateful for the leadership of modern day prophets and revelation. In pondering my patriarchal blessing this week, I has seen so many miracles and revelation for my purpose in life. I am a lucky man.
I love the Lord and this work. 

Love, Elder Sargent
Ever Stalwart

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