Monday, September 28, 2015

9/28 The man; C, receives baptism

This week/ couple days since last P-day has been a blur. Oh, and sorry I wrote on Thursday last week. Once a transfer we get to go to the Hong Kong temple, and whatever day that is becomes our P-day. Speaking of P-day, I am out of money for the month! haha I will be living off of... probably leftovers and rice this week, at least till the first. Haha we have ridden the MTR (subway that is mostly above ground in the New T's) a bunch and therefore have used most of our money on transportation. Had a great day yesterday! Turned into a day of miracles. Sister M L finally came to church with her son Loofie (3 years old and insane crazy over Buzz Lightyear) which was awesome! She came with Sis. C from the Hung Shiu Kiu ward, and we arranged to have her brought to church and hopefully now we can get the ball rolling with lessons! She loves the gospel and  wants her son to be raised with good morals. As well S came for the first time. He missed sacrament, but got to see what we do, which was awesome. He has had some insane changes, including trying to get us to help his drunk friend. We have seen her around a lot and she is always just wasted. She is homeless and we are going to do all we can to help her. As well A came! She has been great. We have been trying to find a time to have both her and Seth over and we have a time scheduled this week which will be hard. As well, JW, the 15 year old has a baptismal date and came to the baptism. We taught him on Friday (me and Elder G...h-we were on Zone 24's). What we taught was spur of the moment and not how we planned to go, but we went by the Spirit and it was so powerful. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end I just felt he was ready. I gave the invitation and he readily accepted. So that's 4 investigators at the baptism, as well as Brother C brought 2 friends! We had a confirmation during sacrament, then Brother C's baptism. With all these people, we couldn't keep up and there was so much going on and it was just great!!! Ah it was an awesome day. Then a Sister in the ward gave us a bunch of frozen waffles that night. Couldn't have been a better day. It was also the Mid Autumn festival which is a BIG deal here. People everywhere and parties. Its a big family thing. Made for a crazy day.

My thoughts today revolve around the war chapters of Alma 45-57 ish. Studying about prayer I didn't know what to take out of these chapters. Or for that matter, for many subjects those chapters just seem to be about war that is fun to read sometimes, but there has to be more. There always is something to get out of that. What intrigued me most was how obvious it was that when the Nephites were struggling with an inner battle, they weren't focusing on what was happening on the outside. The Lamanites conquered a dozen cities in a  short period of time that caused much heartache and sorrow for the thousands slain. All because that weren't focused inwardly, to fight the outward battles. Moroni quotes it very well in that we must first clean our inward vessel. I relate that to myself, my companionship, as well as our homes. If we personally are fighting inside our own beings the Lords will. If I am worried about other things and I am not focused, Satan can win battles that fast (snap my fingers). We have to be completely focused on the work at hand and can't afford to allow the things in side ourselves to detract from what is most important. I don't wish to give more of my thoughts about it because I believe the interpretation and application is different for all. We have to priotize what battles we fight first and where they will be.

What a place I am in... a work I am doing. I love this. Love and miss you all!

Love, Elder Sargent

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