Monday, September 7, 2015

9/7 The Miracle

Wow, what a week! Quick update on Elder Sargent. Health is great! Always tired, and the brain is always mush. Loving the food and the culture. Everything is tiny!!! Food proportions, bathrooms, things IN the bathroom, apartments, beds, PEOPLE, but not the cellphones. Wow. Are the cell phones that big back home? Our TV wasn't as big as some of these things. Oh, and the truth. They do have holes in the ground for toilets. Not all, but some.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Bar none, and I feel like I have done some tough things. But it is the most rewarding. Bar none. I cannot understand most of what's going on, I am getting there, and it's hotter than sin, but I am SO happy! I have learned to dwell on the Lord more than ever. He is now more a part of my life and it should have always been that way. From finding less actives in Kam Tin out in the boonies on the rice paddies, to finding investigators street contacting. I, today, finished my Book of Mormon on the Atonement. Wow. I need several different copies just to study the different points of this great act. It covers so much. What I did learn among other things, is the greatness and necessity of relying on the Lord. He will be there whether or not we lean, so why do I let that opportunity go? I have learned that so much.

What a week. We now have 9 investigators! Y should be baptized this Sunday, Mr. C #2 or A-On has a baptismal date for Oct. 4 (he is golden! given up so much!!!), M (who is doing great, but were not sure what do do because he doesn't want to move on but enjoys learning), J W (had a rough week and is not sure he wants to continue which was heart breaking), K J (trying to keep him going but it's so hard to contact) and the last three are the miracle. Last week, during weekly planning, we felt impressed to set a goal of 3 new investigators. The whole week nothing really went like we wanted and we were super confused. We also had a goal of 7 lessons with less actives. Come last night, we were still 0 for 0 for both and it was the last night. We had a lesson/cheng out (or family dinner) where a member family from another ward invited us to dinner with two friends from our ward boundaries (which doesn't happen very often here). We get there and it ends up being a husband, wife, 3 year old son and the husbands mom!!! We had a great lesson that the members taught and then Elder G and I had a game! They loved it, are coming to church next week, and want to learn more. They are now reading the Book of Mormon and are so excited!! I can't explain the joy and love I had so quickly for a family I had never met. And those were our goal. 3 new investigators in the last few hours. The L G, sorry, or L family. That was a miracle that we got our goal of investigators, however I was puzzled on our less active goal. After consideration I felt as though that had been a personal goal and we hadn't gone to God with our goals. We really wanted to further our less active numbers and get that rolling. All of our Less actives fonged us. So we had no lessons. This taught me such a great lesson. Rely on the Lord. I already talked about it, but rely on the Lord. He knows. He knows all and He can help us through all.

Elder G 

The City of ShenZen in the background.  It is part of the mainland, communist China, way too close to me!  Just a couple of miles away.

I hope all is well back home! My favorite time of year! Love you all!!!

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