Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14 The kids here are sooooo cute

The feeling you get when members give you food!
Y, her mom (striped shirt), Bro. L (baptized her), Sis. L (blue shirt) and some other ward members. 
Ho hoisam!! Y and two ward friends. The kids here are soooo cute

Elder Sargent is well! Loving it here! This week has been amazing. We had Y's baptism and have received a few new investigators. Again I learned that it is all in the Lords hands. On Saturday, we had scheduled 7 lessons! Plus English class! We had to do language study on the Light rail and cancel language pass off's due to the lack of time. I was so excited, then comes Saturday and we get stood up on 4 lessons. I didn't understand, but the Lord knows. It has been an amazing week. I always knew I would serve and I would serve hard, and I feel as though I have been. Yet, I have found myself thinking about home and all that is going on right now. It's my favorite time of year and there are so many exciting things I love during this month and the coming month, I found myself not giving it my all, 24-7. I feel like I have had small promptings and experiences that have helped and have really been good for me, but the greatest of all was on Sunday during the baptism. Seeing Y's mom come to and cry at the pulpit for what our church has done for her daughter that she could not do due to being a single mom in Hong Kong. Then seeing how happy Y and the other ward members were, but the part that was for some reason the part that put me over was when all the sweet little children went up to sing the baptism song. Being the oldest of a ton of grand kids on on one side of the family and the second oldest on the other, I have heard that song many times, the Sister started playing and I waited to hear the familiar words. But they came out in Cantonese. Their sweet voices and the smiles on their faces sure did it to me. Almost started crying right there. That is why I came here. To speak Cantonese and help these people receive the joy that I was witnessing right then. The spirit was so strong, and Brother C was staring so intent, the moment was one I will cherish forever. That's why I came. I will speak this language and I will give and consecrate all of my being to see that joy on another individuals face. That is real joy. That is eternal joy that I get to see every Sunday. If that's not reason enough to give it all, I don't know what is. 

As well I don't think I mentioned that the other Elders in our apartment are the sign language Elders for this area. So I am learning a little bit about that too. It's pretty cool. There is true joy in sharing this gospel. I have come to truly realize that. I wish everyone could have that same joy, and they can. 

Funny note, we had a less active who wanted to know our favorite kinds of music, told him country and he didn't know what that was and needed an example. I told him Alan Jackson, Remember When. He looked it up on his phone and started playing it out loud and then I was singing it, it all happened so fast and my companion was like Mh Dak! Which basically means not good/shouldn't do it. No real translation. haha it was funny. As well I taught a brand new investigator the entire restoration using the Plan of Salvation pamphlet because I can't read and was too excited to realize the picture on the front was wrong. Haha he looked so confused. We were on splits and I was with the District leaders companion. Was a killer day except for that haha. 

All is well in the big city! I hope all is well back home! Love and miss everyone!

2 Nephi 1:27

   Elder Sargent

I asked Colt if he is still gaining weight after he posted the picture of food from the member's. His response:
"Haha get this.... More weight. I have a little banana of belly fat from all the rice right at the bottom of my gut. But supposedly it won't last very long. haha Never thought I'd see the day."

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